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Thread: Ice, supercharged Hayabusa, 350 Bhp and a shot at glory at 320+ kmph

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    Default Ice, supercharged Hayabusa, 350 Bhp and a shot at glory at 320+ kmph

    Zef Eisenberg is a name not unknown, for the man is known for taking a shot at what most would consider undoable i.e. ultra-high speed motorbike racing and reaching ridiculous speeds. And now, he is now going to try something really crazy with Team MADMAX Racing. The speed racer is heading to Sweden this weekend for the famous Ice Speed Weekend, where he's aiming to hit 200 mph (~321 kmph) on a five-mile-long frozen lake aboard a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa.

    Eisenberg has been hard at work preparing his 350 Bhp, supercharged Hayabusa for the event. According to him, the biggest modifications on the motorcycle have been done to the tyres. The tyres on his motorcycle are fitted with 200 titanium spikes in order to get the grip needed on the slippery ice.

    There’s a lot of science-y stuff going on there as each titanium spike weighs just 7.5g, but at 200mph, the centripetal force means they generate a force equivalent to 10.5kg each. So, with 200 studs per tyre, that’s more than two tonnes of force trying to rip the tyre apart. The carcasses have been reinforced by a special internal stainless steel belt, and took forty hours to hand-build.

    The current Guinness record for a motorcycle on ice is at 187.5 mph (300 kmph) and no one has ever achieved 200 mph on ice aboard a motorcycle. We just have to wait and watch how it goes.

    Zef is an ultra-high speed motorbike racer and a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest turbine powered motorbike at ~363 kmph and world land speed record with the same motorcycle with a top speed of ~376 kmph. The motorcycle was powered by a Rolls Royce C20W engine which comes from the Agusta 109 helicopter. In May 2018, he broke the land-speed record for a motorbike on sand, reaching 201.5 mph (~324 kmph).

    In September 2016, Eisenberg crashed at around 376 kmph and was presumed dead. But he is made of much sterner stuff as he survived. He broke 11 bones in the crash and even then right after recovery, he headed to Elvington Airway (where he crashed) in Spetember 2017 to race on the same bike and that too on the anniversary of his crash!


    And here's another 'interesting Hayabusa' for you: A completely road legal, 1000 Bhp Hayabusa hits 436 km/h
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    Thumbs up Re: Ice, supercharged Hayabusa, 350 Bhp and a shot at glory at 320+ kmph

    I hope his guardian angel will have at least a Flying-Y2K or H2R ready in time...
    Ice riding is not new, not even with such tyres... But, this gap of 20 kmph might itself take a lot more braking distance, not to mention the extra risk of hard ice.. he better check where he's doing it, the entire route.
    And let's not hope his any body part comes under the wheel if at all it crashes.... that would be a disaster.

    But again, when were world records made by sane people? All the best to him.

    Machine choice couldn't be much better though. The right mix of comfort, ergonomics and speed.
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    Default Re: Ice, supercharged Hayabusa, 350 Bhp and a shot at glory at 320+ kmph

    Crazy but cool, I hope those good 5 miles are enough for that machine to attain his targeted speed, it's helluva task even with all that preparation and wishing him good luck.
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    Default Re: Ice, supercharged Hayabusa, 350 Bhp and a shot at glory at 320+ kmph

    A tall task indeed. He has broken records before but unfortunately bones too.
    We can only wish him luck.
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