Dainese is, without a doubt, one of the most renowned manufacturers of riding safety gear/accessories. From the now mandatory for MotoGP D-air suits to the Biosuit as worn by astronauts, trust Dainese to pull it off. And now with the Dainese Smart Jacket, they seem to have exceeded our expectations again!

So the latest marvel from Dainese is a Smart Jacket. Essentially, it takes the D-Air airbag vest and turns it into a multifunctional item that can be worn underneath or on top of any jacket. Dainese claims the new product is ‘a foldable, functional article of clothing, which does not require any connection to the bike.’

The most important bit of information though is that Dainese claims that their Smart Jacket features, what they call, a ‘brain’. In gizmo terms, a small ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that analyses the data from seven sensors hidden within the product 1,000 times per second! When the system detects any ‘dangerous situations’ – we suspect that means high g-forces, extreme changes in angle, pitch or yaw – the system is activated.

Dainese claims to have put two decades of development into their D-air system and are so confident in their algorithm they claim it can predict an accident, including stationary vehicle collisions!

The Smart Jacket features the third-generation D-air Road system and includes the option to have the airbag replaced by an authorised dealer, offers long battery life and fast recharging times.