The governments all over the world pushing for cleaner vehicles is a testament to the fact that the future of automobiles is electric. While some of the manufacturers are voicing against the unrealistic timeline-targets of curbing IC-engined vehicles, some have accepted the fact and are moving on to electric vehicles. One such manufacturer is Benelli. And this might be a mighty fine time for us to see Benelli electric bikes.

Benelli recently scrapped the plans for setting up a manufacturing plant in India. Benelli initially planned to set up an R&D department with a plant dedicated to parts manufacturing near Hyderabad. But because of the government's push for EVs, the plan has been scrapped. Instead, Benelli is now looking to capitalize on the EV market and that too with mass-segment products.

Benelli re-entered the Indian market this January in the performance-segment. They also planned on bringing some of their lower capacity models here and even make the country a base for exporting their products. But The masters of exhaust notes are now considering to mute the acoustics and go with the flow and according to the statements from the top honchos, we might get to see some Benelli electric bikes running around on Indian roads sooner than later.

Vikash Jhabakh, MD, Benelli India, said, We were also exploring the opportunity of entering the mass segment with having India as a base from where we could export. It was something in the research stage. But during that stage, It became quite obvious that the Indian government saw the focus elsewhere in India's future with respect to electric mobility. They have also given certain timelines to go fully electric. Thus, We also think that our investments are better off into the electric space. It seems to be the obvious future for the Indian market.”

This is a big announcement and coming from one of the oldest motorcycles brands in the world, it means that much more. We are sure to see many more manufacturers concentrating their efforts and R&D in the EV space.