Last year, at INTERMOT 2018, one of the most interesting motorcycles that we got to see was a certain Moto Guzzi. We are talking about the adventure-touring motorcycle based on the new engine that the eagle brand developed, an 80 bhp twin-cylinder engine. The motorcycle was the Moto Guzzi V85 TT.

Moto Guzzi had every intention of producing more motorcycles based on this new engine, a whole family of V85 engine powered motorcycles. The brand which has been producing motorcycles since 1921, has its 100th anniversary coming up and we believe that it won’t be complete without a bunch of new motorcycles even if they are based on the same platform.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is being offered at an aggressive price all around the world and it may be to familiarize and acquaint their customers to this new platform and create a sort of endearment for the V85 platform.

We believe that the most likely model and the one to come out the earliest would be a street fighter. Or maybe even a full-blown middleweight supersport? And if the current trend is to be taken into consideration, a cafe-racer?

But a naked is more likely and our reason to think so is that the V-twin has the character to suit a naked motorcycle and streetfighters are one of the most practical motorcycles in all the different classes. Remember the Moto Guzzi Griso?

The company has placed a lot of faith in the V85 platform which is evident from their description of the V85 TT motorcycle which goes like this:

The V85 TT is a gaze opened towards the future, the next challenge for a brand that aims to offer enthusiasts a wider range that meets every need. The V85 TT is built around an entirely new engine that guarantees rideability and tons of fun.

It is the motorcycle that was needed by an increasingly standardised market dedicated to travelling in its purest form, recalling the epic rally raids of the 1980s, a point of reference from which it inherits style, charm and thus emotion, but which has been designed to take on both everyday routes and long-distance routes, using the most up-to-date requirements.

It is highly likely that a streetfighter from the Eagle brand based on the V85 platform may make an appearance at this year’s EICMA, in November. Till then, we’ll just wait and hope that a motorcycle like that is actually on the cards.