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Thread: The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

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    Default The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

    The iconic scooter from the past, Bajaj Chetak, is back with a bang as Bajaj Auto unveiled the new Chetak in New Delhi, today. That is not all as the legendary scooter from the past is ready for the future as the all-new Chetak is electric! The scooter will be launched in January and initially, it'll only be available in Bangalore and Pune.

    The scooter features a steel body, a nod to the original one. The electric powertrain is devoid of swappable batteries. Bajaj is positioning the new Chetak as a city-slick scooter and with a range of 100 km (in Eco Mode), they decided to give the swappable-battery-way a pass.

    Bajaj has decided to go the 'Pro-biking' way when they start selling the Chetak. While the price has not been revealed yet, Mr Rajiv Bajaj hinted that it will be priced lower than the most affordable offering in a Pro-biking showroom which refers to the KTM 125 Duke, the price of which is around INR 1.3 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom).

    Press Release:

    Iconic Brand

    The original Chetak was more than just a scooter. It pioneered personal transportation and fulfilled the aspirations of generations of Indians. At its peak, it enjoyed unprecedented popularity with waiting periods exceeding 10 years and a resale value greater than its purchase price! No wonder that more than 1.3 crore Chetaks were sold in India. Its incomparable popularity earned it the endearing sentiment of ‘Hamara Bajaj’.

    Timeless Design

    Its iconic design lends the Chetak with a beauty that transcends time. Simple lines and smooth surfaces are woven together softly to create a classic style that democratises distinctiveness.

    In the new Chetak, this timelessness has been updated with exquisite detailing, the use of premium materials & finishes, and a choice of 6 eye-catching colours that embellish its familiar form to achieve exceptional visual delight and touch & feel quality.

    Exquisite Features

    The new Chetak features a hypnotic horseshoe-shaped LED headlight with DRLs, feather touch-activated electronic switches and sequential scrolling LED blinkers. A large digital console intuitively displays vehicle information with crisp clarity. Moreover, fine craftsmanship is visible in the smallest of details - from handlebar grips, levers and mirrors, to the softly opening glove box and the damped seat closure mechanism.

    State-of-the-art technology

    At the heart of the new Chetak is an IP67 rated high-tech Lithium-Ion battery with NCA cells. The battery is easily charged using a standard household 5-15 amp electrical outlet. The on-board Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) controls charge and discharge seamlessly. Additionally, an elegant home-charging station is available at a nominal cost.

    The Chetak offers 2 drive modes (Eco, Sport) and a reverse assist mode to ensure that all the demands of a rider are satisfied. Regenerative braking via an intelligent braking system that converts braking heat into kinetic energy helps maximise its range.

    The Chetak offers a fully-connected riding experience by virtue of being embedded with mobility solutions like data communication, security and user authentication that will enable customers to have seamless ownership and riding experience. The Chetak mobile app gives the rider a comprehensive overview of all aspects of his / her vehicle and its ride history.

    Robust Build

    A rigid frame clad with sheet metal body panels and a tubular single-sided suspension vest the Chetak with the uncompromising strength and durability that it is famous for. The powertrain similarly employs a unique single-sided cast aluminium swingarm which houses the traction motor that drives the wheel through a high-efficiency automated gearbox.

    Magical experience
    Quiet, clean, comfortable and convenient to ride; elegant yet understated; robust yet refined. As much as riding the Chetak is an almost surreal experience, so also is the process of its creation. The new Chetak is made at a state-of-the-art dust-free, temperature-controlled facility at Chakan to exacting standards using the best materials and cutting edge robotic technology. With a workforce comprising 80% women, this is truly a production line of the future!

    Global markets

    As the World’s Favourite Indian, Bajaj is uncompromising in its endeavour to create world-class products that are worthy global ambassadors of Indian automotive engineering. The new Chetak will, over 2020, find presence beyond the shores of India, across the relevant markets of Europe. It is born and bred to go beyond the objective of earning some valuable foreign exchange, exporting our cost competitiveness towards a higher purpose of acquiring a fine reputation for our skills in the most ferociously competitive international arenas.

    Launch Celebrations

    To commemorate this launch the “Chetak Electric Yatra” was flagged off by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Ayog in New Delhi today. Riders on 20 Chetaks will traverse through North and Western India to travel approximately 3000 kms each to a rousing welcome at Pune in Maharashtra.

    The Chetak is a legend that symbolises individual freedom and empowers human ambition. The new Chetak is once again poised to lead Electric Vehicle adoption and transformation in India and across the world for a better ‘Hamara Kal’.
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    Default Re: The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

    Looks great, will be giving tough competition to Hero Electric Bikes
    Don't Honk Unnecessarily

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    Default Re: The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

    Chetak: Then and now.

    This name will bring back a few lost memories fresh into the minds of some old audience here...

    During the 70's, Indian government wasn't as open minded towards private sector's market domination, as it is today. The result was a Licensing system described as a "cruel, hitlerish, draconian" way to restrict Private growth. In short, if you had license to produce 1 Lakh scooters/ year, that's all you could produce legally. And extension of this license was also a slow, cumbersome process, and even required bribery at some places.

    The result was that Bajaj never managed to produce enough Chetaks to satisfy the market demand those days, so preorders piled up soon enough, reaching a point where getting a new Chetak meant waiting for almost 10 years.
    Second hand market wasn't much connected and developed anyways. No Chetak often meant a choice between Cycle and Car, both with their merits and demerits. If you're wondering, the Splendour was yet to arrive with its (if I might say, severe) competition...

    It broadly meant that, you ordered a Chetak in your college days, and you get it when you're in your second job, married and with kids...
    It was so difficult to get this Scooter, that people used to consider the Chetak a family member, although it was just a "product".

    People used to wash it themselves, keep it cleaner than today's vehicles even in monsoon, make it a part of family pics taken by filmroll cameras, and what not... Result was that a 15 year old Chetak looked almost like 5 year old vehicle of today. Such was the care of vehicles.
    Today, you can ask a guy if he wants to sell his vehicle, back then it meant you're going to be met with angry stares. "Sell my family member, are you out of your mind??" is the reaction you would get, but nobody asked this anyways.

    This licensing system did ensure that we/ our elders learned to live a simple, non capitalist life, and our environment was relatively pure. Bad side to this was a limited economy and limited market choice.
    Those times are far gone though. For good or bad, you can decide. We're in more of a capitalist world now...

    Coming on to Chetak, this one being electric has its solid amount of merits, its expected to be torquey, reliable, durable...
    Don't these sound like attributes you can give to 70's Chetak as well?? I think it does. Except for 2 stroke thump, which not necessarily everyone will like, it seems like the formula is awesome!

    And let's hope the owners will have an even more reliable experience...
    And hoping that by the time the owners come to showroom for a replacement battery, we have lighter, longer lasting, better battery pack availabe from Bajaj as option, as technology is still evolving in this area...

    If Bajaj gets this Chetak right, its going to be an unhackable quick-start success, then on its upto them to maintain it. And if I'm to predict, they'll do well.
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    Default Re: The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

    Looks great and contemporary at the same time! Brings back memories of good old Black and White days. And who can forget the 'Hamara Bajaj' add? Specially not those who were born in the 1980s!

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    Default Re: The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

    Looks alright but I would have preferred the mirror stalks were little short and the headlight didn't slant so much.

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    Default Re: The iconic Bajaj Chetak is back to 'electrify' the market!

    Spotted 20 chetaks while i was on an early morning ride. Had conversation about pricing features etc. Sat on one of them, its quite comfortable. he major highlight is its styling. A head turner for sure with huge road presence. It is definitely on of the most beautiful scooters i've ever seen.
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