Known for its quirky motorcycles that boast of radical designing, Husqvarna has enough motorcycles in their portfolio that warrant a second look. At EICMA 2019, they have added yet another one to that expanding portfolio- Husqvarna NORDEN 901 concept.

Press Release:

Husqvarna Motorcycles - shaped by their unique and distinct origins, where only the purest and smartest solutions could endure the rugged Scandinavian landscape. This DNA is reflected in the proven design and engineering expertise that have shaped today’s high-performance motorcycles.

Riding a Husqvarna means recognising and enjoying a unique and dynamic motorcycle that was simply built for those who measure the bike by the ride itself.
Gliding across a corrugated dirt road, treating each corner as a waypoint as you venture towards a distant horizon. There’s something truly liberating about being able to pick any direction and just go. Having the confidence in yourself, your equipment and your surroundings to follow your curiosity, wherever it may lead you.

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ interpretation of a travel enduro, the NORDEN 901 concept, invites you to do just that. Harnessing the dynamic performance and versatility that is discreetly packaged for effortless exploration, this highly capable mid-sized 889.5 cc parallel-twin is built for those looking to broaden their horizons.

The NORDEN 901 concept is a dynamic and versatile long-distance exploration concept, infused with the distinct Husqvarna Motorcycles offroad flavour and balanced by practical accessibility and comfort to suit the modern traveller.

With its clean and modern design, the NORDEN 901 concept’s Swedish roots offer a unique approach that stands out from other travel motorcycles. Its functional design and torquey LC8c parallel twin deliver a balanced performance both on- and offroad. This versatility allows the motorcycle to be used on daily commutes, extended adventure tours and everything else in between.

This compact twin-cylinder motorcycle features distinct modern design and offers dual accessibility towards adventure riding and exploration thanks to its outstanding combination of street and offroad performance. It boasts class-leading lightness and power delivery that is set in a versatile and accessible package, precisely arranged to allow discerning riders uncompromised exploration possibilities.

With effortless rideability and sensible high-end modern equipment – this motorcycle invites riders to find new ways as they aim as far beyond the horizon as their curiosity leads them – just as at home on asphalt, as it is far from it.

Technical highlights NORDEN 901 Concept:

-Slim and light explorer motorcycle

-889.5 cc parallel-twin engine

-Perfect balance between offroad performance and touring ability

-21” front wheel, 18” rear

-Comfortable ergonomics and competent street and offroad handling

-High-quality WP suspension components