The now-discontinued Ducati Panigale 1299 was a fantastic motorcycle that a lot of riders swore by. We had a firsthand taste of it as well when we took it around Australia for 20,000 km alongside a 280 bhp Kawasaki Ninja H2. But the endless quest of power meant that the Panigale 1299 was replaced by the Panigale V4. But that takes nothing away from the 1299 as it is still a fantastic motorcycle. Some people, probably ardent believers in its potential, have fulfilled their quest of power but not by adding 2 more cylinders, but by electrifying it. So, here we present to you the Hybrid Panigale 1299.

The hybrid conversion for the ex-flagship Duc was shown off at EICMA 2019. The makers believe that it has boosted the power figure of the L-twin powered Panigale to 295 bhp! And that is not all. The hybrid Panigale 1299 is touted to possess a peak torque of almost 300 Nm! Those are astronomical figures and we can only imagine what it'd do to the piece of tarmac where it gets to stretch its legs...

Officially, it is called Efesto 200 Novantanove Hybrid Kit. It is a counter-rotating electric motor added to the 1,285cc 196 bhp L-twin engine of the 1299 Panigale. The electric motor is bolted below the swingarm and it is connected to a secondary gear shaft via a chain. This means that the motorcycle can be ridden with the petrol engine alone, the electric motor alone or with both the ICE engine and the electric motor working together to grant the motorcycle those tyre-tarmac-shredding numbers!

In order to achieve the mode, the motorcycle gets 4 optional riding modes; Pure Thermic, Pure Electric, Boost Mode and Custom mode. Predictably, in Pure Thermic mode, the motorcycle is propelled only by the ICE engine, in Pure Electric, the electric motor drives the rear wheel, and the Boost Mode, which is what we are more inclined towards, with both the motors working together.

The Boost Mode is obviously a big help because not only it boosts the performance, it supposedly ensures a smoother torque delivery. The reason for that is that the electric motor evens out any peaks or troughs produced by the IC engine. The quirkiest one is, of course, the Pure Electric one which turns the 'Superbike Panigale 1299' into a twist-and-go electric!

Now, the problem with this mod was the additional weight of the motor and more significantly, the battery pack. Now, the Hybrid Panigale 1299 weighs 194 kg (dry) which is 26 kg more than the claimed weight of the regular Panigale 1299. Now, the additional weight might not have been a huge problem which with the increased power and torque but the CoG might be an issue. The battery pack is placed high up (in the bulge at the rear) and the motor us placed down low.

Other than the added weight, it seems that seat height is also up by a claimed 20mm. This is likely caused by longer aftermarket 46mm Mupo SBK forks (replacing the standard 50mm Marzocchi units) and increased rear ride height.

Another noticeable change is the slash-cut, flat, shotgun-style exhausts. The poor pipes were probably slashed off to clear the inverter and the electric motor. This could have probably altered the original output of the IC-engine and also, the ground clearance. But if outright power is all you seek and plan to surprise a few more powerful motorcycles on the road, fit the kit and watch 'em bleed!