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Thread: Formula E's Driver's Eye Camera puts you in the driver's seat... MotoGP?

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    Default Formula E's Driver's Eye Camera puts you in the driver's seat... MotoGP?

    Motorsports is one of the things that has excited humans for a long time. While the participants get high on adrenaline as they are a part of the action, as time has passed, viewers have been getting the firsthand experience of the thrill. Onboard cameras and whatnot have made it possible for viewers to almost be a part of the action. And now, things are set to get better as Formula E is being revolutionalized by a new 'angle'... the Driver's Eye Camera.

    In essence, it is just another helmet cam but this one is poised to realize the racing dreams of us mere mortals. With this new camera tech, fans can live the cockpit life from the comfort of their homes. It intends to immerse the viewers from inside the drivers' helmets as they move around and navigate their superfast cars around tight circuits.

    The camera is positioned at the eye-level on the protective padding on the inside of the helmet. What's truly astonishing is that the camera weighs just 2.5 grams and just 8 mm in diameter! And despite its minuscule dimensions, it serves its purpose so well that it excites even the commentators.

    Jack Nicholls, Formula E commentator, said, "What you actually see is much more limiting than with the regular TV angles, but that's the point. You can experience what the driver is seeing, and how they have to react to what's going on around them, and the limitations they have in order to react to what's going on around them. It's how much they move their heads, that has been the big thing for me. It's so busy in the cockpit, especially during wheel to wheel racing, by the time they have checked the information on the steering wheel, looked to the left and right to see where their rivals are, the last place they look is ahead."

    Felipe Massa, Venturi Racing driver, said, "I think it is cool how Driver's Eye shows fans exactly what I am seeing during a race in real-time. It gives the viewers insight into the tight and challenging city-centre circuits that we race on. I like tech like this, that brings fans even closer to the action."

    Being motorcyclists, we cannot help but be excited for this technology to make its way to motorcycle racing, especially MotoGP. And it is justified because after all, there are a few things that come close to being a part of the insane action that is displayed on the track... any motorcyclists that say that they won't give anything to be inside Marquez or Rossi's helmet are lying!

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