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Thread: Incoming! Major helmet changes with new ECE standard

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    Default Incoming! Major helmet changes with new ECE standard

    A major change in the helmet safety standards is coming and as a result, we may see helmets with enhanced protection within two years. The new ECE standard, called 22.06, will be taking over from ECE 22.05. The latter was introduced 20 years ago and is still in use. But the new regulation will push manufacturers to make significant changes to their helmets.

    Under ECE 22.06, there are two big sets of changes that we'll see. The first one is to the impact tests and how they take place and the second one pertains to the helmet technology itself. The current norm in impact testing includes placing a headform inside a helmet and then dropping it at a set speed on to an anvil. The sensors inside the headform measure the forces transmitted through the helmet. There's a set figure for that basis which the helmets either pass or fail the test.

    The ECE 22.06 will ensure that the drops take place at a wider range of speeds which translates to both higher and lower speeds than the current norm. The new test will also measure the impact at multiple points across the helmet. The above also brings the new norm closer to the SHARP test which awards helmets a score of 1 to 5.

    While the testing at higher speeds may seem logical, one is left wondering why is it necessary to test that at lower speeds. The reason behind that is that a helmet is made a certain way in order to survive high-speed impacts. The problem is that sometimes, it tends to reduce the helmet's ability to absorb low-energy impacts.

    The test will also explore different angles of impact and this, in addition to the varying speed test, should ensure even safer helmets. Most importantly, the new norm will also take into account the impact a certain crash has on the brain. The existing norm tests impact on a flat anvil passing which deems a helmet adequate for preventing skull fractures.

    But recent studies have suggested that the twisting motion of even a glancing impact can cause significant damage to the brain tissue. This may or may not accompany external trauma. In the new ECE 22.06 testing, the helmet will also be dropped on the anvil at a 45-degree angle. This test aims to measure the rotational acceleration that is generated inside a helmet.

    Coming to the accessories, there have been a lot of additions in the recent past. So while ECE cannot test everything, only the official accessories will be tested. As an example, the ECE 22.06 tests on flip-up helmets will take place with chin bars in multiple positions and also with the sun visor deployed.
    The additional weight in the case on an intercom system will be inspected as well. There are changes coming for visors, too, with the high-velocity impact test for the visor increasing in power. Road-legal dark visors will be getting darker, too, with the 50% minimum transmission rating changing to 35%.

    The ratification of the ECE 22.06 documents has already been done and they just need to go through the voting process at the UN. According to the current schedule, the new norm should come into force around June 2020. Post that, retailers will then have a maximum of 2 years to legally sell any ECE 22.05 products.

    The one downside that we know of at the moment is the increase in price. According to reports, a 5% increase in the prices is the most likely outcome at the moment.

    While we wait for the new norms to come into force, the ECE 22.05 is still the best we have got and the #16YearsOfxBhp Special Edition helmet from Axor possesses the certification. You can get yours from here.

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    Post Re: Incoming! Major helmet changes with new ECE standard

    Fantastic news! What's more better than a better, improved crown for riders. Yes, the ECE is almost a decade old norm. Currently ACU and Sharp and even SNELL over comparatively better testing, but the anvil method and the kn of force are were the key parameters. Now that they've included low speed and internal hemorrhage analysis, this would mean things would be taken up a notch.

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