Living in this day and age, we have come to expect new technology and innovations almost too frequently. And yet, only a few seem feasible and even fewer, really useful. The zero maintenance chain from BMW is something that is already being implemented and seems a tad too useful in the ongoing monsoon season.

BMW is calling their new innovation the M Endurance Chain. With this, they aim to take at least one item off from the list of things to do to keep your motorcycle running mint. Chain maintenance is something that is vital for a motorcycle to perform well and it is just as easy to forget. And that is why we feel that this piece of German innovation is extremely useful.

We have discussed the 'what' and 'why' of it and now it is time to move onto the 'how'. The chain itself is sealed in an X-ring design, already lauded for its relatively low maintenance. While this may not be a new idea, the coating is what gives this product the longevity that BMW claims. The name of the coating? Tetrahedrally Amorphous Carbon or (ta-C) or 'Industrial Diamond'.

Even more vaguely, it can be called a type of DLC (diamond-like coating). This coating is what is touted to keep the M Endurance Chain robust and helps it to keep going without the need for petty things such as cleaning and lubrication. In effect, it all sounds logical and all but the real-world application and durability is something that is still untested.

At any rate, it certainly seems like an innovative idea backed by a bold claim because chains can be a pain to take care of if you tour a lot or if you like Piña coladas, getting caught in the rain...

Another interesting fact is that the sportier ones from the BMW stable are getting this chain factory-fitted as an option. Interesting because a substantial number of two-wheeled Beemers out there are known for long hauls and it would have made more sense to add this as a standard fitment in those motorcycles to help them take care of their long-hauls more reliably.

But you can get it retrofitted on your current Beemer as well. But as we said, earlier, only time will tell if the M Endurance Chain will actually make chain maintenance a thing of the past.