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Thread: The Road Less Travelled upon--> Chakrata

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    Default The Road Less Travelled upon--> Chakrata

    A warm hello to fellow xbhpians, this is Gautam writing about my recent tour experience. Rather than coming straight onto the trip blog, i'll start with a short summary of events that occurred prior to it.
    Well, I have just completed my mbbs final year this november. And me and my college friends went on this trip just a month before the date of our first final exam.
    Well, as with most students in their college years, I too start to study just a week before my exams . This time I had started a bit earlier , since it was also my final year, entire hostel was over-flowing with tensed looking faces which soon started to get on my head. I was not being able to concentrate and really needed to get out to some distant land where I could bring some peace to my mind.
    So, one fine day, while sitting and chatting with friends, I brought up the proposal of getting out of hostel, away from hustle & bustle of city, for a couple of days. It was as though a fire had been wanting to be ignited, even my friends were having similar troubles as myself. So, as with most plans that we have made, this one too was an instantaneous one. And once we were all ready to go, then started the hunt for a place which could provide us with what we were looking for--> peace of our minds.
    So our search brought up a place named "Chakrata", a small hill station in Uttarakhand, which we found ideal for us.
    All this happened within a span of 2-3hrs, and we were all set to embark our journey. We made sure our bikes were also ready for the trip just before our dinner, prior to the day of starting our trip. We got our bikes filled right after the dinner, so we could have an early morning start without any hassle.
    Although we had prepared ourselves and our bikes in advance so as to get some sound sleep before the ride, none of us slept.
    Before I start narrating my trip here, I would like to kick things off with mentioning the rides and riders.
    1. Black Yamaha R-15--> Gautam Arora (thats me)
    2. Blue Yamaha R-15--> Ved Pal (the other mastermind of this trip besides me)
    3. Bajaj Pulsar 200--> Shashi Prakash & Sachin Choudhary
    4. Hero Honda Glamour--> Aditya Sahota

    So here comes the trip diary:-

    Day 1
    21st October 2009
    Time: 2:30 AM (as i mentioned, none of us could sleep, so we started off a little early )
    So finally, with one phone call, all five of us collected with our baggage, all set for the ride. We took a slightly (made difference of almost 60-70kms, but was worth it ) longer route while going, and went via Murthal--> Panipat--> Karnal, finally leaving NH-1 at a small village, Baldi, to get to our destination.
    The only reason was to catch an early morning breakfast (at Murthal) so as to avoid any unnecessary stoppages due to hunger pangs.
    We thought of a light breakfast with tea, but as we arrived at Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal, well how could we resist the sumptuous "paranthas" with all that white butter served so graciously.
    Although we did make sure that we were not totally stuffed, but I would not call it an ideal meal to have before a long ride.
    So, at about 3:30 AM, we had resumed our ride, after a 30 minute breakfast halt, and were really putting some quick miles on our bikes.
    Soon, we arrived at Panipat toll plaza, and realized that our glamour boy, Aditya (he was riding HH Glamour ) was not there yet. So had to wait a while for our rider to arrive.

    Journey resumed, this time making sure, none of us would lag behind.
    We crossed Karnal, and at Badli (few kms ahead), took a right turn for Yamunanagar, via Ladwa & Radaur. The Sun has started to lighten up the road by this time.
    Apparently, the "paranthas" did show their effect on one of the riders (name will not be mentioned ) giving me an opportunity to click some nice snaps of the sunrise, while he released himself of mental & physical pressures.

    # Note:- If you too are a foodie like us, always carry bottles of water on a trip, you never know when you might need them.

    It was still early in the morning while we crossed Yamunanagar, so the town was still sleeping, and there was hardly any sign of life on the road, apart from a few of man's best friends (read dogs ). This actually helped us by providing a traffic free route while we crossed this town.
    Soon, the town broke the spell of "traffic-free" and what was once without sign of any life, was now bustling with people & vehicles. Anyways, we continued to move on, tackling some patches of potholed road, traffic and our fellow humans. After Yamunanagar, came Jagadhari, then Chhachharauli, and finally came the most amazing of roads I have ever travelled on, the road through Kalesar National Park. As the towns ended, the pot-holed roads gave way to a lovely master-piece of asphalt, with lush green forests on both sides. It provided everything, from straight stretches to knee-scraping twisties, and no sign of even a single pot-hole on the entire route. Everything a biker wants to make his day.
    And eventually, I could not hold myself back from twisting that throttle a bit more to feel all the pleasure that this road had to offer. Stopped after satiating myself to wait for others to arrive, and in the meanwhile clicked a few snaps as well.

    Well, like all good things, this road to came to an end, and to our horrors, gave way to a biker's nightmarish road, well, there was no sign of road at all, it was all stones & dirt all the way, and as if it was specifically designed to agonize travellers, the stretch had big ups & downs all along, comparable to a circuit for dirt bike race, and this was about 12-15km long stretch.
    Finally, like all bad things too come to an end, this road to ended, but not before completely shaking us, both physically and mentally.
    And as if God had sent his angel to greet us, there was a tea-stall right where this one of the most treacherous of roads ended. We had some tea and light snack, taking a 30 minute break almost, before resuming our ride.
    We headed on towards Kalsi, crossing Herbertpur & Vikasnagar in the way, and bypassing Paonta Sahib.

    # Apparently, there's another route, that goes via Rajbans--> was not recommended by locals, and after going through that "hell", we thought best to go with their advice. And it was a good advice to take.

    The roads, though a bit narrow, were apparently smoother, with rare bad patches. So our tryst with the hills had begun, and I really enjoyed bending on the beautifully carved corners.

    Kalsi was the last major town before our final destination, Chakrata. And after crossing Kalsi, the hills really began to become more & more impressive, with deep valleys on one side of the road, and a high rising hill on the other. The road condition was not too good, but scenery before our eyes made us overlook that.

    So, we finally arrived at Chakrata, at about lunch time, tired yet excited to be there. We got a room at a guest-house run by a tailor, for mere Rs. 80 per head for one day.
    We thought of getting freshened, but the water was so cold, it shivered out all thoughts of freshening up :P.
    We spent the entire day relaxing, it was really calm and quite, even within the main town (it was indeed a very small town). The entire day 1 was thus dedicated to reaching at our destination, and enjoying the route (well, most of it) on our way, and also getting some rest to be ready for the day ahead.

    # Since it was a really small town, we hardly had much of a choice as far as getting a meal was concerned. Apparently, we did find a nice restaurant by the name "Sher-E-Punjab" (no its not a part of any food franchise, the name was just adopted by the owner ). Although, they did served non-vegetarian food in form of Chicken curry, it was most certainly avoidable, and we stuck to a vegetarian diet for perhaps first time in our life. The food was, 1st & foremost; well cooked and served hot & spicy (not for those with gastric problems, or who sweat on the word "Red chilly"), just how we like it. And it was quite certainly very cheap too, much like our room (pocket-friendly--> much needed by us )
    We called it a day after some music, and chatting, and planning our next day, till everyone was tired enough to go off to "sleep" (sounds fantastic this word, when I remember my all-nighters before exams ).

    22nd October 2009

    We started off early, had planned on visiting 2 places, highly recommended & praised by locals--> Tiger fall & Deoban, both about 20kms from the place, and on totally different routes from one another, making them two 40kms rides from the town.

    We went for Tiger fall first, as it was located at a 3km trek from main road route. So we needed our legs to be fresh for this kind of exercise.
    The road was ok, but the scenery around, with amazing views of valley, was really charming. And the sunrise at the time of our start made things even more beautiful.
    Apparently, there had been a landslide on the way, due to construction going on to build a new route through the hills. Luckily for us though, a bull dozer had arrived on time and was working on clearing the route. It did cost us 30 minutes, but just standing by the side of road and watching the valley was very mesemerizing.

    So after the 30 minute delay, we arrived at the location supposed to mark the trek towards the fall. We had to park our bikes on the side of the road, and walk down the hill for 3kms. The idea of leaving your bike in the open does sound a bad one if you are in a city like Delhi, but its not the case in these parts. As we did found our bikes in place alongwith our helmets & bags, which we had left there to avoid straining our muscles too much (they were all locked though).
    The trek was a treacherous one down the hill, and could be lethal if one does not watch his steps and slips. We kept walking on & on, but there was no visual sign of waterfall (we could hear it though, even from the road where we parked our bikes, but could not see it). Finally after we had walked almost the entire trek, we caught the first glimpse of this miraculous creation of Mother Nature, very nicely hidden from view completely until you reach the exact spot, after travelling the entire 3kms on-foot. Though our legs did get tired of walking, but all of the pain and anguish vanished once we were at the site of the fall. The locals could not tell its height, but it certainly fell from a height more than my 8 floor hostel building. The view of water falling from such great height right in front of us was truly breath-taking. We stayed there for almost an hour, while I clicked some nice snaps for my collection, Ved & Aditya got busy discussing this fall, ie.. its source, height, depth, etc.; while Shashi & Sachin silently enjoyed the gentle water droplets on their faces sitting by the side of the fall.

    Although completely lost in the charms of this place, we soon realized it was time to make a move on and start the uphill trek. If the down-hill was lethal for the fear of slipping, uphill was a total nightmare, steep climb causing immense pain and agony. (I also learned an important lesson--> Woodland shoes are better avoided on trips like this).

    Finally, we did get on our bikes to head for the 2nd destination (Deoban), but were completely exhausted. Apparently, going on a few kms back, a shop had come to life out of nowhere, and the guy not only had the option of tea, but also some light munchies (buns, biscuits, even the local "maggie" of the region), which helped bring some life into us. We took our time here to rejuvenate fresh lease of life within ourselves to resume our journey again.

    Then began the ride to Deoban (via Chakrata). Apparently words like tarmac, smooth, etc. (even the word "road") started to seem alien to us after we had travelled about 4kms from Chakrata, as there was hardly any to ride on. Trekkers rejoice and biker's dread is what I think could best describe this route. Apparently, the end, which was 20kms on the "road" (which was not there), it was only around 6-7kms trek through the forested area.

    # The track in this pic was the initial 2kms, rest of it was what you can see in the middle of track in this pic. (even worse at times)

    This nightmare too ended, and it ended in a really calm, quite, charming, peaceful (I am running out of words to describe this place's true beauty).
    But it did not end before really wearing us down badly. So we decided to rest at this place. There was a forest guest-house there, with a few workers at the place, building another house like structure. They were really helpful, even allowed us to use their stove to cook maggie (the local maggie available in town), and even made us some black tea (they did not have any milk).
    There were tall trees all around, with snow-clad Himalayan peaks adding its own charm in the backdrop. There was a gentle but really chilly breeze blowing, and the Sun's warmth provided us with a perfect counter. It was really relaxing, both to body & mind.
    After about spending almost 2 hours (i even slept for one whole hour on the grass there) at that place, we were all set to take on all the challenges ahead of us, including our upcoming final year exams .
    The place had really ignited a fire within us, freshened our souls and cleared our minds.

    The return trip, was much shorter one, both time- and distance-wise, there was just one re-fuelling stoppage (we did not even feel hungry for the entire return journey), and we took the shorter route this time around, rushing through the small towns and bypassing most of the awesome NH-1.

    The route while coming back, instead of heading towards Yamunanagar (via Kalesar National Park, Chhachharauli & Jagadhari), we instead turned towards Saharanpur, crossing Behat on the way. Carried on the same road, crossing various small villages like Nanauta, Shamli, Kandhla, Kishanpur, Baraut, finally taking the turn for Sonepat at Bagpat, and were back on NH-1 at Bahalgarh.

    # Note:-
    * Route though shorter, is prone to traffic snarls. Its best not to travel on this route during night time, as you are subjecting yourself to risks of loot.
    * At Bagpat, we had turned to get back on NH-1, to avoid the most dangerous of roads with very high risk of "loot" during night time. Even the cops stationed just before this turn will suggest you to avoid going straight if you are on a motorcycle.

    And finally, within about an hour or so, we had entered our very own Delhi, were back to what people call "sanity of a metropolitan life", although we being a different bunch, disagree to this definition.

    Hope everyone enjoyed it, i know it got a bit lengthy, but if you do go to this place, I am sure you would not stop praising it either.

    So before I end, I'd give a real brief summary of the entire blog here:-

    # Trip duration: 2 days
    # Trip budget: Rs. 1000.00 (includes all our expenses & bike's petrol cost)
    # Petrol costs: Rs. 850.00 (all the bikes used up almost same amount)
    # Total Distance travelled: 750kms (approx 400kms delhi to chakrata, & 350kms return trip via shorter route)
    * Route
    1. Delhi--> Murthal--> Panipat--> Karnal/Baldi--> Yamunanagar (via Ladwa & Radaur)--> Kalesar National Park (via Jagadhari, Chhachharauli)--> Herbertpur, Vikasnagar, Kalsi--> Chakrata
    2. Chakrata--> Kalsi, Vikasnagar, Herbertpur--> Saharanpur (via Behat)--> Nanauta--> Shamli--> Baraut--> Bagpat--> Bahalgarh (NH-1)--> Delhi

    # Note:- you can save another 30-40kms if u go straight from Bagpat instead of taking a de-tour to get on NH-1 from there. But PLEASE AVOID DOING SO DURING NIGHT.

    A Few points:-
    # You can never let hunger pangs trouble you for more than 5-10minutes while you are travelling on NH-1, which was our route from Delhi.
    However, as we took the shorter route for return, we could not find many eating joints that would please your doctor. And while we could find joints to fill ourselves while riding through the small towns, there was absolutely nothing on the stretch running between 2 towns/villages.
    # Carrying small packets of "Namkeen"/biscuits/even maggie can prove to be a big plus in helping you on your trip.
    # The roads (particularly the nightmarish ones) will not only test your machine, but also you as well. So do make sure, that you and your ride, both are in a good condition.
    # Make sure to charge your cam's battery before the trip, you'll get a lot of opportunities to test your photography skills on the way.
    # Although not really needed, yet, it is a good idea to carry pain-killers, and pain-relief sprays along, just in case the roads get the better of you.
    # Carrying water is a good idea (as we found out soon in trip ), though its also to avoid stoppage and unnecessary waste of time in shopping.
    # Carrying spares as would be suggested by every tourer is also a good idea. At least carry a spare headlight bulb, clutch & throttle cables, tail light bulb. Make sure you carry a "Torch" with you, and a roll of electrician's tape, some nylon rope and bungee cords. They all can come in handy just in case God might have some surprises in store for you.
    # And, just ENJOY YOURSELF
    Happy biking, & happy touring

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    4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the SOUL..

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    Best Motorcycle Blogger Contest Entry Approved

    Good write-up accompanied by relevant pictures there. This is what we are looking for in this section. Thanks for sharing this.

    I had, with a bunch of close xBhp friends visited Chakrata on a couple of occasions and love the ambiance of the whole town. Just in case you want to read my travelogue of the same, click on the link: Breaking the Chakrata Jinx - Biker's Way! search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aryan View Post
    Best Motorcycle Blogger Contest Entry Approved

    Good write-up accompanied by relevant pictures there. This is what we are looking for in this section. Thanks for sharing this.

    I had, with a bunch of close xBhp friends visited Chakrata on a couple of occasions and love the ambiance of the whole town. Just in case you want to read my travelogue of the same, click on the link: Breaking the Chakrata Jinx - Biker's Way!
    thank you for approving.. I am glad you liked it..
    4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the SOUL..

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    Default Re: The Road Less Travelled upon--> Chakrata

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Speed View Post
    thank you for approving.. I am glad you liked it..
    Hi. Appreciate your write up. Can you please provide to me the pointers of the place where you stayed for 80 bucks

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    Default Re: The Road Less Travelled upon--> Chakrata

    I know this is an immensely old thread, but better to ask here, than starting a new thread for something this trivial.

    Is Delhi Chakrata Delhi posible in one day?

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    Default Re: The Road Less Travelled upon--> Chakrata

    Quote Originally Posted by HyperRetard View Post
    I know this is an immensely old thread, but better to ask here, than starting a new thread for something this trivial.

    Is Delhi Chakrata Delhi posible in one day?
    If you're an iron-butt, yes. But bro, instead of just munching miles, try to stay at a place and meet with local folks, enjoyed the scenery at various places, that's the essence of touring for me.

    I've been to many a places, bit felt like I should make the way alone on my bike, so that I could stop anywhere I want, to enjoy the sights and capture some moments on camera. The sunrise 20kms before Shimla is the ultimate sight, FYIP. Since I'd been in bus, I never got to see it well.

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