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xBhp was born more than 16 years ago and since then we've had a chance to ride or drive hundreds of machines running on two wheels or four wheels, and sometimes even three wheels. We are not done yet, and this list is still growing. In these pages, we take a deep dive in the treasure trove of our ride experiences and bring you all that we have ridden or driven.


535CC 29.1BHP 44NM
Tony (5) Buying a motorcycle is not just about paying money and getting a product, it is the beginning of a relationship, almost humanistic. If you think of your bike as something more than just a tool to get you from A to B, you are likely to put more effort in taking care of it. You’d not just clean it with a cloth, you’d pet it. See all used Royal Enfield motorcycles listed on OLX for sale and you might find an interesting deal that fits your budget. But the pride of owning a motorcycle comes in different ways. There are people who go beyond the conventions as the out-of-showroom vehicle just doesn’t cut it for them. It’s just not individual enough. That calls for customization which can be done at various scales – from just a simple sticker job to highly complex stuff which might even include totally different body parts! Tony (6) This time, we have a motorcycle which is the result of a similar complex idea and it’s called Tony. No, not the Marvel character. Tony (4) TONY Tony is the fusion of two motorcycles and we’d bet it’s not easy to guess them as they are just so far apart from each other – Royal Enfield Classic 500 and the Yamaha YZF-R15. That’s not a typo! Tony (2) So Tony is basically the engine of a Classic 500 housed inside an R15’s frame. It is a naked, hence, there’s no bodywork, not even a tiny amount of it. There’s only a single seat, handlebar is low and short, and it’s made to look like a Café Racer. It hasn’t got any lights at front and back and there are no rear-view mirrors as well. It is ripped down to the bare essentials – things that are a must to run and ride a motorcycle.
Since the engine is from a Classic 500, it is fuel-injected and comes to life only by a kick as the self-start has been removed to save weight. It is bored out to 535cc with several modifications to increase its performance like the Wossner high-performance pistons and a K&N air-filter to name a few. Tony rides on a pair of upside-down forks at the front and a link-type mono-shock at the rear. There’s single disc each at both ends on spoked wheels. Tony  (3)Tony - 1 We thank him for his time and giving us this opportunity to see and understand his unique creation – Tony. Tony - 2 Tony - 3 Tony - 4 Tony - 5 Tony - 6 Tony - 7 Tony - 7-1 Tony - 8 It is clearly one of the most interesting creations we have seen and the guy who has done it is Aseem Singh Pawar. Of course, the RE engine is not a direct fit in the R15’s chassis and some alterations were done. Separate tubes were used to hang the engine while the rear sub-frame is completely custom made. However, the overall work is pretty neat without any ugly touches. Tony - 9 Tony - 9-1 Tony - 10 Tony - 11 Tony handles quite well and it is light on its foot, the advantages of having an R15’s chassis are visible. Tony - 12 Tony - 13 Tony - 14 Tony - 14-1 Tony - 15 Tony - 15-1 Tony - 16 Overall, it is a commendable effort by Aseem and is definitely praise worthy. When we asked him why he named it Tony, he mentioned that “Tony” is a small word and the motorcycle is small and compact as well. Also, naming it Tony gives it a more human character. Tony - 17 Tony - 18 Tony - 19 Tony - 20 Tony - 21 And although you and I won’t find a motorcycle like this one anywhere else, but what you can do is get a decent motorcycle through OLX and perhaps, build yourself one!
Royal Enfield
Yamaha R15

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