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Welcome to 2020 Edition of the xBhp Forums . As you might have already noticed, the forums have undergone a major upgrade to keep up with the times. This will make the forums faster and intuitive and much more mobile friendly.

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bike for beginner

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  • bike for beginner

    guys I am a beginner in world of bicycles & i need a bike for sole purpose of fitness which i'll ride for an hour per day in what i necessarily want in my bike is "gears" nothing else is a must for me in my bike though any good add on to it is obviously a plus point

    now comes the budget of now i don't have any particular amount in my mind(though roughly m having figure of 5-6k in my mind) so i would like to have that bike which will be sufficient for my purpose but don't want to shell out money for some extra features which i won't even utilize..

    when i went to the showroom then that guy showed me catalog of Octane & roadeo..& to be honest i kinda liked them but as i said that i am a beginner in bicycle world so i don't know whether they are the best available options for me or not..also it'll be helpful if you guys will mention price of models along with your suggestions..

    I have a whole month to find a bike for me as i'll be buying it from my next month's salary hope till then i'll find the best option for me with the help of you guys
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    I am looking for a similar thing too . .but then, one of the questions I have is, if i am buying it for exercise, do i really need the gears


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      Go for the Hercules dual shox cycle...i purchased this model in Rs.5500

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      it's a Gearless Cycle as i also wanted a cycle for fitness so Gears were not needed..and man i must say - Cycling is Fun & i am loving it
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        I too need a bike purely for exercise.. I find jogging boring , and besides , I'm most comfy on 2 wheels
        I want one thats less than 3k , the most simple one without gears or suspension. I used to have a simple but rock solid hercules AXN ( red and black ) which I used to use while in school and then gave it away when i turned 16 .. I didnt realize that i would wanna get back to bicycling at 20
        So any simple under 3k bike for me ? something closest to my simple AXN will do the job. Here is a pic of it

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          Heck.. I just sold my Hercules to the paper boy. Just for damn 1k bucks. You could have asked me, I would have given it away to you for free..


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            Jokes apart, I personally like the Octane. Its a machine and a half..


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              seriously man dont even consider the rear suspended bikes. The rear suspensions are real cheap piece of equipment on any bike thats below 20k and it will just make your ride go boing-boing. It also increases the weight of your bike substantially. A ride of 15 min will make you feel like you've been riding for ages. i'm an avid cyclist and have made the mistake of getting one of this cheapos. If you are seriously considering riding for 1hr please do invest in something better. some of my suggestions are:

              if you want something cheap get the non geared, non suspended bikes. They are good.

              For 7K consider the firefox fusion. Welcome To Firefox

              For about 9K you'll get hercules ryders ACT110 and btwin rockrider 5.0. these two are seriously good bikes with the 110 being a hybrid and 5.0 being a mtb. I personally recommend the rr5.0 . try this The Bike Affair - Home

              Get the right bike or else i swear you'll loose interest within a week of riding. best of luck picking your ride and do keep us informed.
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