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Cycling expedition to Mysore(palace) from Bangalore

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  • [Photo Feature]: Cycling expedition to Mysore(palace) from Bangalore

    Prashanth is a bulleteer. Started cycling since more than a year now. He had a Schwinn spoterra, wherein he used to park it in his apartment vicinity's basement. Unfortunately it was stolen, felt so bad for him. He was urging to do cycling. Wanted to buy a new one. So, he opted Decathlon my bike(single speed).

    Last time we had cycled leisurely to Allalasandra lake in Yelahanka(Bangalore) with him. Where usual cycle day events will be conducted. There the conversation was:

    P : I want to cycle to Mysore, that's my birth place.
    Me: Sure, why not. Please buy a multi speed(gears) bike before that. Also some practice is needed for long endurance.
    P : Okay, I will buy a better bike. Why can't I do on Decathlon mybike?
    Me: You can but will take a few hours more than a multi speed bike. In ascending uphill you may find difficult. It's possible not an impossible task.
    P : (thinking something in mind) Okay, thanks. Now I want to do on Decathlon mybike. Will you accompany me?
    Me: Sure, I will be sometimes fast and can slow down and manage. I will have to cope up with you and you will have to cope up with me for some times.
    P : Okay, then we will do some time.

    and we headed back to home.

    It was on Ganesha chaturthi. All of a sudden a call from Prashanth.

    P : Santosh, tomorrow we will hit Mysore road cycling.
    Me: Prashanth, neither you have the practice nor me to do a long distance.
    P : Well, then we will cycle to Ramanagaram and will come back on any available vehicle, bikes loaded.
    Me: Okay, it's all about endurance, let's see how far we can push ourselves(in my mind Mysore, some how encourage this guy and take till Mysore).
    P : Then tomorrow morning what time shall we start.
    Me: Sharp 5:30 AM.

    We had the bike ride plan the following day. Still decided to do cycling. Prashanth had a word to of joining to Tirupati ride but dropped off due to some personal reason.

    Alarm buzz and 4:30AM, woke up and got ready and started as per the schedule. Quick whatsapp message to P, he was up and ready. We started cycling and at 5:45AM we meet. I told P it's all about endurance and cycle to Mysore. He was very eager more than me to reach the destination. He had come mentally prepared. Whoa, all well started towards Bangalore city cycled irrespective of one ways or no entry roads(coz very very less traffic on Saturday morning). Took a couple of pics near the KR circle(near LIC building), another couple of pics near Town-hall. We sipped some water from the sipper.

    When we cycle, we should drink before we get thirsty and eat before we are hungry(eat, eat and eat).

    Reached Gali Anjaneya temple and gesture of respect bow down to empower us to cycle complete 165KM.

    Reached Kengeri and wanted to stop for breakfast. Just few KM before to Bididi stopped at random small restaurant, ordered tatte idli, tasted delicious and refilled our sippers with water. Resumed our ride towards Ramanagara after a sumptuous breakfast, I have to mention there was a lot of head winds(monsoon effect via west coast), it was killing us because even on downhill(was like uphill) we had to peddle or else it would bring us to halt. It was our enemy, and conquering our enemy is the game all about.

    Reached Ramnagara and took a break of 10 min and sipped all the water we had and again refilled it. People are curious onlookers and as close we pass by they fire the rounds of questions. What, where, how, how much, really possible, what time.....blah blah....

    P got more confidence and reached Channpatna. Our fatigue level started to show on us. We were not hungry but tired because of our body was low on glucose(couldn't find any tender coconut stall near by). Insisted him to have something sweet stopped at a bakery and had honey cake. Felt better and proceeded further. Reached Maddur for the lunch time and had rice bath and famous maddur vade. After noon the weather turned out to be more violent on us it was more stronger clouds with more powerful headwinds. As discussed we both were not at all ready to give up. Proceeded further reached Mandya district and the exit of the city stopped for a butt break, already started to feel the sore. Spotted couple of guys fishing in a water channel. It was not a good day for them, they left without any fishes.

    Resumed our ride again further through the head winds, experienced a drizzle now and then. Took a few breaks for cool-drinks and tender coconut. Then there was a channel with flowing water, took a break and wash our faces and splash some water to eyes. The water was very clean and tasting good as well.

    The next city was Srirangapatna all excited for the river bridge to appear, couple of pics and resumed. It was the last 15 KM to Mysore, had coffee and biscuits break. Again it started to drizzle and this time heavy, after 10 mins receded, after this the power of the head winds drastically reduced, it was easy cycling now thankfully. At the ring road there was some traffic, time was 6:30 PM. Still 5 more KM left to reach the destination, cycled through the city and enter the Palace. P was fully excited as he did it on a single speed bike. Congratulated each other and took few snaps, spent some time and went to have dinner with the relaxed mind.

    By 8:30 PM we reached the bus terminus and loaded the bikes into Volvo bus and headed back home. P went for a sound sleep in bus. I watched few music videos on mobile phone. 11:15 PM landed in the Shanti nagar bus stand and unloaded the bikes, cycled home to reach by post mid night. Concluded the ride with this.

    Cycling in this route pending from 2 years, done it now.

    Checked the mobile phone date shows 31st Aug 2014, oh ride to Tirupati Tirumala, 12 hours to go. Went to a sound sleep.

    Below are the pics:

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    Re: Cycling expedition to Mysore(palace) from Bangalore

    Cycle Log Approved

    Good going. I always enjoy reading your cycle logs Santoshji. And kudos to your friend who hauled that Mybike for that distance.
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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      Re: Cycling expedition to Mysore(palace) from Bangalore

      Originally posted by koolsantosh22 View Post
      Prashanth is a bulleteer. Started cycling since more than a year now. He had a Schwinn spoterra, wherein he used to park it in his apartment vicinity's basement. Unfortunately it was stolen, felt so bad for him. He was urging to do cycling. Wanted to buy a new one. So, he opted Decathlon my bike(single speed).

      Sent from my A210 using Tapatalk

      I am jealous of you friends .....realy .....!!!
      What a planing and execution as well ...i was thinking of cycle tour more than two years but dump planning dont allowed me to do so.

      Real enjoyment of biking is on pedal wheels .
      I really inspired from @monks article in xbhp magazine and do lot of all cyclists are heros of us no doubt.

      Kudos to you all and best luck for your upcoming tours.
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        Re: Cycling expedition to Mysore(palace) from Bangalore

        Pls dont forget to express your experience in a detailed view am waiting for that ...!!!!


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          Re: Cycling expedition to Mysore(palace) from Bangalore

          Nice trip on wheels there. Enjoyed reading.
          A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

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