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Hercules Rodeo Torrent VX restoration

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  • Hercules Rodeo Torrent VX restoration

    Hai Guys,

    My father without my knowledge brought a second hand Hercules Rodeo torrent VX for my nephew.

    I am planning to restore the small guy to its former glory.

    The problems I have seen are as follows.
    1. Multi gears sprocket(Along with gear changer) are change to a single gear sprocket in the back.
    2. Front gears are multi gears but the gear changer is removed.
    3. front tyre needs replacement.
    4. No gear changer cables and switches(front and back).

    I am going in for a DIY. The plus point is that the frame and other parts are good.

    Please help me what will be the rough estimate of all the changes mentioned above.

    Well You might ask me why go in for this restoration. It is for my nephew and he is a good boy and I want him to enjoy the full potential of the bike.


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    Its better to sweat than bleed!! "AGATT "

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    Re: Hercules Rodeo Torrent VX restoration

    Restoration approved!

    All the best boss.
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      Re: Hercules Rodeo Torrent VX restoration

      Thank You Mod.

      Guys please help me out on the spare cost.



      Smile at everyone you meet and make someone happy.

      Its better to sweat than bleed!! "AGATT "