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Recommend a Fat Bike for a Fat Dude

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  • Recommend a Fat Bike for a Fat Dude


    The story goes like this, I've been fat all my life, have always struggled with weight, Up until 5 years ago before my marriage I used to weight over 160Kg (don't know my exact weight cause my weight scale max at 150 and then gave error
    I managed to reduce my weight when my marriage was fixed because that was good motivation for me, I came down to like 130Kg, but after my Marriage I started to gain weight again I try to reduce but its never enough and then I get demotivated to do it.

    The only way I've reduced weight is diet and walking, I take less portions of food that what I would normally eat and I would walk upto 4 KMs or 1 hour. I don't like Gym's or working out in Gyms I like the openness and air outside (whatever quality of it) rather than indoors and in A/C.

    I was thinking of taking up cycling, saw many posts on the internet how obese people more than 200+ kg's have taken up cycling and reduced their weights. I was look for Mountain Bike and with those big fat 26 x 4 tire's

    99% of them are imported from China, even the Hero's Big Daddy 26T. Here in Mumbai in the local market of Kalbadevi I found plenty of these imported cycles with the sellers claiming they can take weight over 150Kg's I also checked AliBaba's website and they also claim around 150 - 190kg of capacity. I wanted to go with India's Hero brand but seeing how its just a plain rebrand of the Chinese cycle I'd rather not give them any extra money for a sticker'ing job.

    Anyone here has any recommendation or experience with these fat bike? kindly share so I can make a formal decision. Thanks

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    Re: Recommend a Fat Bike for a Fat Dude

    Thread approved.