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Welcome to 2020 Edition of the xBhp Forums . As you might have already noticed, the forums have undergone a major upgrade to keep up with the times. This will make the forums faster and intuitive and much more mobile friendly.

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Aprilia SR150 RACE: MotoGP Inspired!

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  • Aprilia SR150 RACE: MotoGP Inspired!

    A few years ago inspired by MotoGP riders, I took up cycling as a means to stay fighting fit for motorcycles. The Aprilia SR 150 was already fighting fit, and so it undertook the simpler task of wrapping itself in the same colours as its very distant cousin the Aprilia RS-GP, a motorcycle raced in the upper echelons of the biking galaxy. Last year with Alvaro Bautista and Stefan Bradl and in 2017 with Aleix Espargaro and Sam Lowes. What could a little scoot (even with the word 'power' suffixed to it) have in common with those technological marvels?
    What's in a name? Racing Heritage!

    We have seen the Honda CBR 250 get 'Repsol' colours as well as the Suzuki Gixxer SF. None of these machines might have anything in common with the factory MotoGP bikes, but it is still happily splashed on to your commuter, so that you remember the racing heritage which each of these companies boast. So while you potter along to the market to buy milk and bread, you can still feel like Marc Marquez and his ilk! And here the Aprilia SR150 Race looks the part.

    Piaggio targeted that untapped segment of the market who wanted a the convenience of an automatic scooter along, but were not willing to compromise too much on performance. First unveiled at the Auto Expo 2016, it grabbed the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts. What with its quirky looks! It looked unlike any other scooter that was being sold here. Long before it set foot (or tyres if you please!) on Indian roads, there was tremendous interest and once the scoot was launched, it got a fair share of bookings, with most prospective buyers not having even seen it in the flesh. Later in 2016 Aprilia launched the SR150 at 65,000 ex-showroom Delhi and at that price point it was one of best things to happen to the Indian two wheeler industry.
    Photo Courtesy: Vikrant Date

    Photo Courtesy: Vikrant Date

    Photo Courtesy: Simran Rastogi

    On the handling front, the SR150 RACE impressed with its performance. It is quick and easy to manoeuvre and holds its lines well while cornering. Proving far more entertainment than should be legal on a scoot! The 120 section rubber does come into play here and makes things easier. The job of braking is well taken care of by the 220 mm disc up front and the 140 mm drum brakes at the rear. The scooter comes to a halt from double digit speeds without any fuss even when the brakes are applied with a sense of urgency.

    Aprilia has billed this RACE version as their 'second' crossover offering for India. We humbly disagree, there isn't much different from the regular SR150 to consider this a separate bike. It is at best the SR150 with a racier paint scheme, and at a price difference of roughly 3k, it is worth it. At least for those MotoGP fans and everyone else who prefers this colour.
    The 120 section front tyre from Vee Rubber

    A rather narrow opening for fuelling

    A full face helmet won't go in, much less attempt closing the seat!

    Though enough space for knickknacks and other odds and ends

    If your battery ever runs out!

    Front Brake by Bybre

    The retuned rear suspension is now a bright red!

    Neatly placed disc brake oil checking window

    Switchgear feels like good quality plastic

    Nothing better than a clean, clear console

    It is quite slim and trim

    The 14" wheels and forks give it motorcycle like stability

    Pillion Comfort? You first need to fit a pillion on!

    And fast it will go as well...

    The tightly packed footboard.

    The 2016 Aprilia RS-GP raced by Alvaro Bautista Photo Courtesy: Aprilia
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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