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The Ravishing new Yamaha Ray ZR

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  • The Ravishing new Yamaha Ray ZR

    How do i start ??
    Ok so our old workhorse TVS Jupiter was sent to Office for work since the Activa at office was decommissioned. My big family with 4 ladies were disgruntled with the way things played out. So the ladies had to be wooed back. So we were in the market for a new scooter. However this time around we did not want something basic and plain looking like an Activa or Jupiter. Also dint want something insanely costly as a Vespa or Aprillia. So basically the requirement was something VFM. Something a bit flashy, good looking, appropriately priced. Torque and BHP numbers were never the primary focus. Cause c'mon what difference will 1 bhp make if you take a 125cc instead of a 110c ? It will be such a minute difference that a normal person wouldn't feel.

    Initial list of Scooters under consideration-

    1. TVS Ntorq
    A really good looking, featureful, best selling 125cc in premium category.
    Very common, personally think that it has now earned the title of chappri scooter

    2. Suzuki Street Burgman
    Comfortable, cruiser type leg placement, big, bulky, good looking
    Puny tires on such a big scooter(A-la-Intruder kind of disaster), Price

    3. Honda Grazia
    Its a Honda, decent looks
    Jack of all master on none.

    The Ntorq was almost finalized. Took quotations from a couple of TVS dealerships. The pricing was same everywhere. Just happened to pass a multi-brand scooter showroom one day and to my surprise their price was lower by about 3-4k. Was going back home after that and I spotted a weird looking scooter. Hadn't seen it ever. Had a fresh unseen design. I chased it down and saw the name. It was a RAY ZR. It was a YAMAHA. I immediately went down to the Yamaha showroom. Saw the scooter closely and was spellbound. The street rally version had a little difference in the side cowl which made it look bulkier. The handlebar guard looked amazing. I just did not like the tire tread pattern. The new Fascino looked stunning as well. Yamaha has really really upped their game design-wise cutting back from the Honda Dio type design language on their older Ray. Saw the spec sheet. The power figures were lower than Ntorq. But saw the weight which was 99 kgs and was assured that wouldn't matter. Such a low weight would result in good acceleration and mileage figures. Took a test ride and the scooter was nimble and easily flick-able. Was completely smitten by it. The Yamaha original guard looked absolutely stunning. When I was considering Ntorq it was more of like there’s really nothing else like it in the market. The choice of Ntorq was what the brain liked but not the heart. Seeing the Ray ZR, the heart fell in love! Again!! The pricing was again better at the multi-brand showroom. Regarding the Yamaha original guard, peeps at the other Yamaha dealership I visited for price had no idea about it. Anyway I specially mentioned and got that guard. The scooter was delivered in a weeks’ time. Now the time for the ownership review!! Some pictures!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200831_180007.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Mods-Dont know why photos are showing like this. It would be helpful if you can correct it.

    I will focus more on the negative parts. Barring those all other things are really good. However the following things are the USP of this scooter-

    1. They got rid of the starter motor which does not make the sound of the gears meshing when starting. The starts are so silent that initially using the bike you will start the bike again and again even when its already started and then probably remove the keys and park it back in the garage and take an uber.
    2. Ride the scooter for a km and the stop and start system activates which shuts off the bike when idling and will automatically start when you give acceleration. Works flawlessly. Amusing as well and might I say helpful.
    3. The side-stand engine cut-off is really good. It shuts off the engine if the side stand is down. This will ensure that while riding no one will shout at you and remind you to pull up the side stand.
    4. Other features like digital instrument cluster, seat opening from the ignition switch, unified braking system (UBS) which applies brakes on both wheels whichever brake is pressed, better ascent acceleration, better standing acceleration and better passing acceleration as compared to the outgoing model

    Now coming to the bad part.

    1. The Guard-

      The guard which looked so orgasmic was not to be. It was creating problems. The weight of the guard is really hefty. It’s a really quality product but sadly latched on to the fibre front panel of the scooter and their union wasn’t good. The fibre being fibre could not hold on to the heavy guard properly and the front panel alignment was not proper due to which it used to make clattering sound when hitting potholes. Also the bike used to pick up with a rattle. The sound was similar to a 7-8 year scooter. This felt really bad and embarrassing. I complained about this to the SVC and they couldn’t correct the alignment after 3 days of scooter being kept in the SVC. Complaint about it to the Yamaha Customer care. They talked to the SVC and sent them some directions regarding fitment of the new Ray ZR. Went again and again nothing happened. Happened to meet the general manager who previously was with a TVS SVC and now at Yamaha. Kept the scoot again at the SVC and their senior mechanic looked into it and out of nowhere everything was properly aligned and perfect. The Scooter still makes a little sound but then that will be there cause of the weight of the guard.

    2. Suspension-

      The suspension feels really bad coupled with the weight of the guard. The suspension bottoms out fairly easily on normal speeds. Have to really really control the speed at bumps and potholes. I did not think that a premium scooter will have a worst set of suspension compared to the plain and simple scooters like Jupiter and Activa. This is not at all made for the Indian roads. If you are person who would groan everytime the forks bottomout or everytime you feel that the forks where very close to bottoming out then this certainly is not your dream scoot. The parts don’t feel properly aligned with each other and facing the potholes and bumps doesn’t give you an assuring feel. It definitely doesn’t feel solid. My 5 year old Jupiter still feels solid and the thud feels so good. Ray ZR feels like the parts are loosely bolted on to the frame. Writing this makes me really sad and makes me question my purchase. Other owners might pitch in their views so that I can know this is a one off case or normal.
    3. Other small problems

    -The headlight bulb is really inessential. It fails to light up a completely dark road. An upgrade should be really the first thing you should do.
    -The seat does not close up properly everytime. You need to solidly close it with a bang a couple of times for it to get locked. It does not lock normally as other scooter does. However this happens with the helmet inside which is small half face helmet.
    -The bulky and hefty guard makes it cumbersome to wash the scoot. It is so big and juts out so much that it’s a task to wash the bike without the spray hose.
    -The ground clearance is very low. On some big bumps I fear that it might scrape. And it has happened once.
    Yamaha has a winner on their hands. I have been told that Yamaha was the first to bring in FI engine in scooter segment back when Ray was first launched but they somehow are not focused on their scooter segment as it doesn’t not bring them sales much. There is literally no marketing being done. I came to know about it after looking at it on the road rather than in Ads. . They need to iron out some of the issues to stay relevant against Ntorq as I feel that is its closest competitor. It’s cheaper than Ntorq by a couple of grands but then it misses out on the Bluetooth feature and that amazing instrument console.
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    Re: The Ravishing new Yamaha Ray ZR

    Ownership exprience approved.

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed write up!
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25