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xBhp First Impression: Honda Rune

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  • xBhp First Impression: Honda Rune

    xBhp First Impression: Honda Rune
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    chrome everywhere, looks very close to Triumph Rocket III.

    heartwarming pics as ever, you are one the very best I have seen, not even big mags give pics of these quality, presentation is fabulous!


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      That's a behemoth! Lovely write-up and equally exciting pictures.


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        Its a goliath..OMG!
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          That bike looks very royal and almost benovalent. Superb pics. But err, picturise Rune as James Bond of bikes? Somehow can not bring myself to do that!
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            No words to describe it. After the first impression of Victory Vision I was waiting for something to come from the same garage.
            Superb write up from Goswami sir accompanied by brilliant pics from Sunny sir as usual.
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              omg!! no words to describe about that beast!!!
              Whenever there is a Rainbow in the sky, I know it's u mastering the art of Cornering. U will always be remembered brother, R.I.P Arun.

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                  Have seen a Rune in person, and was I impressed..... !
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                    Damn...This guy has it all. A Victory Vision, A Rune, I wonder what's next on his list..

                    As for the machine - Totally Speechless... Looks like a Royal Beast...
                    Exceptional creation by Honda...

                    And as always Great photography and write up!!!


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                      Once Again,Fantastic Snaps and i have got some more into my collection of Wallpaper's??

                      BTW, How close will this be to Triumph Rocket III??
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                        omg, now thats called a BIG bike...

                        very nice write-up and awesome pics as usual...

                        I specially liked the cool blue digital speedo and the silencer...
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                          This is for the Big boys! Will read it at leisure. Not when I am dropping off with drowsiness!
                          The Wheel was a great invention; Two Wheels with a Motor in between was even better!

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                            The bemoth has the guts to shy away the four wheel V6 counterparts.
                            Superb pictures!
                            No Nonsense Biker.


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                              yeah. Its quite an old bike now but yet the design excites every new eye.
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