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That song you wished was playing whenever you take out your bike ...

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    Re: That song you wished was playing whenever you take out your bike ...

    Ah this is an amazing thread. Mixing music with riding is really enjoyable, albeit a bit risky.
    For me, there are songs that I like to listen to at specific times. That is because I feel and have observed that music has an effect on riding. So, here goes:-
    Start of ride: AC/DC Shoot to Thrill. Gets me pumped and ready to ride long and hard.
    During the ride: something electronic like Deadmau5 sofi needs a ladder (hangover strip club song) , or Punjabi songs. (constant beats of not very high tempo) . I feel they are good for maintaining concentration.
    For the end: Something melodious and yet with a decent amount of beats, like Nucleyas Laung Gawacha, or pop/electronic /hip hop like J Timberlake, Timbaland The Way I are, Marian Hill Down. Etc.


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      Re: That song you wished was playing whenever you take out your bike ...

      well, I put all my fav songs that I want to listen when riding, mostly ARR older songs, with a lot of western & Bollywood classics from the 90s like Tunak Tunak and Soldier and all till the latest EDM and all, when all is set, I'll simply shuffle and wait for any song because I love the suspense and makes me guess the next song and the thrill of riding is always in up!!!

      a couple of fav songs that helped me boost up

      - Ich bin Ich (Rosenstolz)
      - rolling in the deep cover by The Piano Guys
      - Michael meets Mozard by The Piano Guys
      - Malhari from Baajirao Mastani
      - All Night by Parov Stelar
      - Aaja by Nucleya
      - Pro Anti Anti by Liars

      those are just a very small list that came to my mind just now while typing, but there are 100s more that I have and collect for the highways....

      and the happy tears that I get at the end of a ride when I reach my destination, I cry like a kid hugging and kissing my bike.. yeah, but I love riding, travelling and my bike so much.... the happiness can just not be described in words for me.. but yeah.. riding does give me pleasure and happiness at all times of my life!!!!

      live long.. live happy.. that's the best revenge that can be served to the people who hate you..

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