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delhi half marathon

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  • delhi half marathon

    so as all delhi guys must be knowing that the half marathon is on 1st nov
    and the registration closes on the 4th oct
    so just asking any of u have registered or planning to do so
    because all of us have rode 21kms many times but running 21kms would be fun
    running wearing xbhp tees and in a formation would be pretty good

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    Off-Topic Discussion Approved.


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      well i think there isnt anyone who is intrested in finding out the joy of running

      any ways i have got my self registered and will be running 21kms for a change


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        I'd love to... had I seen even a remote chance to be in Delhi that weekend. Ran the Mumbai half marathon this Jan. But couldn't timely secure a registration for the coming one.


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          any tips for running mate , i can run like 10kms but havnt tried 21
          so lets see how i cover the distance


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            Originally posted by sidverma View Post
            any tips for running mate , i can run like 10kms but havnt tried 21
            so lets see how i cover the distance
            You can take my xBhp Tee..

            But Don't Ask me to RUN! See I told you that earlier Also!!
            This is not My cup of tea! and Mate 21kms! Not an Easy task.

            I cant even run even 2kms at a stretch!
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              @sid : I would have given it a shot if I was in Delhi
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                Originally posted by L.P. View Post
                You can take my xBhp Tee..

                But Don't Ask me to RUN! See I told you that earlier Also!!
                This is not My cup of tea! and Mate 21kms! Not an Easy task.

                I cant even run even 2kms at a stretch!
                Running nahi hai guru...its must be strolling..!!



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                  It is not as big a deal as some of the beginners might think. Its more of a mind set and little bit of training. I dont know how big an event Delhi marathon is, but in Mumbai the euphoria is such , that in itself charges you at every point.

                  For beginners:
                  - one should just aim at completeing the run rather than aiming at a time. Dont be too harsh on yourself. The marathon run is not all that you want to achieve in life.
                  - Practice in a manner that does not hurt your muscles. If you ran 9-10 kms on one day in practice, take the next day off for the muscles to recuperate etc.
                  - pre event day preperation should also be well thought of.
                  - Also remember, it is okay to walk in breif intervals. I would guess atleast 80-85% of the participants complete it by a mix of running and walking.

                  You will find a number of training tips in the web. you will have to stick to what makes sense to you. The max I ran on a treadmill before going into the final run was 9kms. (It is thought that running on a treadmill is easier than running on the tarmac.)


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                    Delhi Half Marathon 2009

                    Aitel Delhi Half Marathon will be taking place on November 1, 2009, to celebrate joy of running and blah! blah! blah!...

                    More information here
                    Airtel Delhi Half Marathon - Indiatimes

                    So who all are going to participate in it?

                    This time, i have gone ahead and taken the plunge and registered myself for the Great Delhi Run (7 km). The last time i ran was years ago and i don't even remember when i walked for 7 km...:grin: so this is going to be a challenge for me just to complete the run on my feet.

                    I know many people here are just like me who think that they can't run for so many reasons....but this website should clear lot of your doubts about your racing capabilities.

                    At the end of the day if you are able to get a little more active life-style, a receding waist line, and lose a few extra pounds down in the process, you should be more than happy. .

                    Registration closes October 4, 2009. Hurry up guys.

                    If we have more participants from here, then maybe we can work on some theme and go there as a team. what say?
                    (Been There Done That) x 3.25


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                      one more clarification, you don't necessarily need to run for half marathon, you can also take part in Great Delhi Run which is a 7-km run and i think most of us should be able to complete that, all we need is a little discipline and hard work.

                      i have registered myself for the Great Delhi Run, though the last time i took part in a race was when i was in school. so gonna be a pretty good challange for me.

                      I would say that more and more members should participate in it, its a great opportunity to stay fit.

                      Request to moderators: I have created another thread on this, if you can please either delete that or merge these two together, that would be awesome
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                        Topic Merged.


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                          thanks aryan
                          (Been There Done That) x 3.25


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                            yeap, this sure is fun. had taken part in last year's delhi half marathon(great delhi run). its not necessary that you have to run for the whole 6kms. if you dont have the stamina, just run/walk for a few kms, take some rest, enjoy the excitement that’s around and move ahead. its just about having fun & enjoying the moment. i might take part this time. not sure though. best of luck to those who are participating.


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                              This is not about the marathon, but dudes, where do you get xbhp tees and stickers???

                              Best of luck to those participating.
                              When is the next marathon?
                              I missed the registration for this one!