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Together we can. Meghalaya-Xbhp on the rescue.

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  • Together we can. Meghalaya-Xbhp on the rescue.

    Meghalaya xbhpians has yet shown their responsibilities through their biking spirit and unity.

    Last 16th Febraury a fire broke out in the house of a family that spread to six other houses. Almost everything was gutted under the fire. Golds ornaments, money, clothings, other assets and a total of about 10-15 rooms went under fire. Most of the house were build during the British Era. It took about 7 Firebrigades to bring the flames down in about 2 hours.

    From the Sentinel website it quoted:

    "From a Correspondent
    SHILLONG, Feb 16: A fire broke out at around 2 pm and burnt seven houses at Jhalupara in Shillong today. The fire originated from the house of Urmila Subba and spread to the other six houses. Urmila Subba is the vice-president of the Cantonment Board. The people of the area informed the Fire Services immediately. The fire was brought under control within two hours. Jhalupara headman Raju Limbo said, “The cause of the fire was short circuit.” The charred houses were that of Basudev Subba, Sanjay Biswa, Mahindra Gurung, Bimal Dey, Harikala Pradhan and Asha Gurung."

    Mrs. Reshma is a staff in St. Peter's School, Shillong working under Conrad's Administration (Conrad, an xbhp member). In response to this incident, the Meghalaya Xbhpians held a short meeting on the 20th of Febraury at Golflink ground. The group decided to contribute from our pockets and from the funds that remained after the last 2009 Christmas Donation and the last 2010 Valentine's Day Party held at Orchid Hotel. By 23rd Feb those who were able had donated through collection from friends, relatives etc. A total of about Rs.25000/- was collected and handed over to the head of the family.

    It was sad to see the house in a delapidated condition. Only one room was left in a liveable condition. Imagining to live in just one room with 2 school going kids and other members is a nightmare, adjustment is a difficulty. Sleepless nights will continue to haunt for at least few months. But thankfully and by God's grace nobody was physically injured. Thanks to the spontaneous reactions by the locality people too who emptied every bucket in their kitchen to lessen the fire and thereby preventing the flames from spreading to the neighouring houses before the Fire Service could arrived.

    Thanks to Conrad, Maddie, Pinku and Nandu for being there all the time during the incident. God Bless you guys!

    Before this incident happened and through the initiation of Dragon (xbhp member) we had actually decided to hold a short meeting to contribute to Bluevolt's (Rahul) Riding Cause (Donation for the underpriviledge children of India). We had also requested Sunny to include Shillong as one of the center/G2G for the collection and donation. But sad to say we had to divert and attend to this urgent cause which also includes 2 Children of Mrs. Reshma. Anyway I guess there are many other biker saints who will do the needful for the other Children of India. But lets hope and see if we could do anyting else.

    So Thankyou once again to all the contributors and for the support. God Bless more such souls into this world and more responsible bikers in xbhp.
    (P.S. -- As requested by many members, the names of the contributors are withhelled and hence not shown)

    So, till then...
    We shall contitnue to play our part in whatever possible ways...
    Because there is a saint in every biker...
    But all we need is ignition or a spark...
    And as a group, we shall achieve.

    Safe Riding!
    Happy Biking!

    Last edited by Devilboy; 03-03-2010, 02:36 PM.

    "The Trophies and Gifts are worthwhile assets, but meeting you all was an HONOUR"
    Its never too late to Ride! So Ride on!
    Hit the Road! And Feel the breeze!

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    Kudos to you guys! I am proud of calling Shillong 'home'.


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      That is a noble gesture indeed. Proud of you guys.
      Your biking tells a lot about the person you are!


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        Thanks guys. Hey Devilboy, good write ups there


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          This is amazing! Kudos to the Shillong gang.

          It always feels good when we give back to the society. Proud of you guys.
          All men dream, but not equally. Those that dream at night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act upon their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. - T. E. Lawrence


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            Thank You Sir


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              Woah man!!! This is so touching!!! All RESPECTS to xbhp Shillong!!!
              The Fast and the Curious kind!!!

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                This is really a very Noble deed. All the respect and appreciation to all of you for making such a difference in people's lives.
                Keep up the Good Work...

                PERSEVERE... failure is not an option!

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                  A very Noble Deed fellow xbhpians in Shillong....... Proud of you guys........
                  of course there's a Saint in every biker & you people proved it........
                  There is only one rule in Biking

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                    Thanks everybody for your support and appreciation. As the thread heading quotes "Together we can", indeed we can as a unity.

                    Thanks to Conrad for taking the initiation, I am glad to be a friend of this Chota Saint.

                    Safe Riding.

                    "The Trophies and Gifts are worthwhile assets, but meeting you all was an HONOUR"
                    Its never too late to Ride! So Ride on!
                    Hit the Road! And Feel the breeze!

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                      @ Everyone...

                      Thank You Mates for your overwhelming support, both offline and online. It has been through Your individual efforts that collectively made this Effort something that deserves Appreciation and Encouragement for More.

                      I take this opportunity to Thank You All who have contributed Financially, Materially, Physically and Morally for this noble Endeavour. May God Bless You and Your Family Abundantly.

                      And I, on behalf of Shillong xBhpians, sincerely apologise for not being able to contribute to Rahul's 'Bluevolt' effort, because of this unfortunate incident happening at almost the same period. But, i do hope that Bikers from other parts of the Country and the World have done their part for the underprivileged Children, for whom the "Gift a Dream" ride was undertaken. May Rahul's Dream too Come True.

                      With Regards and Best Wishes,

                      "Ride Hard
                      Stay at Home".


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                        Kudos to u fellas. That was indeed a very noble cause. proud of u all.
                        Keep up the good work.
                        Never Argue with an Idiot !!!
                        He will bring you down to his level and beat you with his experience.


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                          Great work there guys!!! this is an example for everyone to follow and inculcate... great work!!

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                            gr8 work guys....keep it up....
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                            To ride or not to ride?? is a....
                            very very stupid question....