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Modifying old bike to electric.

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  • Modifying old bike to electric.

    I have some question guys.
    Hello, I live in Mumbai, Maharashtra and I'm looking to modify an old splendor into an electric bike. But I also want to change the look. Here is what i want to do with it-

    1. I want to change the body into more sportier look.
    2.Change the front and rear suspension, change the headlight, the wheels, and most things.
    3.I read that I can't modify the chassis, but can I bolt anything to the chassis?
    4.I basically want to make it into a new bike but need it to be street legal.

    So my question is, will the R. T. O give permission for such changes? Is it possible to do so? And if yes then what will be my bounds?
    Please help me with this.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Modifying old bike to electric.

    Thread approved.


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      Re: Modifying old bike to electric.

      Legally as per RC, you need atleast same chasis and chassis number. Also, the engine and engine number should be same.

      Bolt on mods might be possible, but it all comes down to the mercy of traffic policeman who stops you.