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Posts in DIY section are not moderated anymore

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  • Posts in DIY section are not moderated anymore

    Hi guys,

    We've made a change in the DIY section today and individual posts need not to be approved by a moderator before they appear on the thread, which was the case earlier. We had done to prevent junk posts going in the DIY section. And members are themselves keeping it clean, so no point in continuing this method as it was obstructing the natural flow of discussion.
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    Re: Posts in DIY section are not moderated anymore

    The automated blocked message reads: " Your post or comment was removed because your account does not meet the age (5 days) and karma requirement (5 karma) to post here yet. Do not message mods within 48 hours of your content being removed. If you do, you will be banned. This filter minimizes spam, trolling, and self-promo from new accounts. Please get your account age and karma up, and then create your content again. "
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