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  • Green Modifications

    Hello Friends,

    I am very much interested in green modifications rather than in performance mods so would like to open a new thread with the approval of the mods. .

    Basically I would request members to pour in their wide ideas to get more juice out of the bike, like a sugarcane juice person does .

    We know of hacks everywhere hack to get most of computers, hack for equipment, cameras, mobiles etc, to get that EXTRA thing which the company manufacturers dont want us to know. We are always interested to go in to the tech / service mode of any equipment using password etc.

    So anyone interested to discuss about green modifications, modifications which can help save fuel, energy with raising fuel costs something needs to be done..

    Waiting for mods approval and members participation.

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    New Discussion Approved
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      Invent a hybrid motorcycle that can run on both petrol as well as battery power...
      Best option - use 0 bhp two-wheelers
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      Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
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        I have one rechargeable LED light

        eBay India: HIGH QUALITY 19 LED AC/DC Rechargeable EMERGENCY LIGHT (item 180598614954 end time 16-Dec-2010 14:47:28 IST)

        which is very very bright, can this light be used to power the headlight of a vehicle or apart from headlight all the lights, i.e tail lights, indicators, brake lights etc. First I feel all lights should be converted to LED lighting as LEDs consume very less power. The revolving action of the wheel could be very well used to generate electricity using permanent magnets and this electricity could be used to charge capacitors, there is also one company which manufactures capacitor batteries,
        Power-Cap Ultra-capacitor Battery
        The battery would be just fit and dont worry but it wont givethe backup of normal battery but good for people on the move you start your vehicle and capacitor gets charged. Like this we can make use of more solar energy and save more fuel.

        Do check out my custom painted tail light in my DIY thread ;) ...


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          ^^ read up on LED bulbs for car application. they are best suited for fog lights atm, since the beam throw and penetration is not that much to replace headlights.

          As to regards to making the bike more efficient you can start on either of these topics -

          - Weight reduction
          - Making it more aerodynamic ( which includes adding a cowling yes!, some people have gotten 80 + kmpl because of this ).
          - Thinner tyres for lesser rolling resistance
          - Efficient and tip top engine, good quality bearings, clutch, plates etc.
          - Smaller carb or smaller jetting for lesser fuel injection to the engine
          - A slim rider!! hehe
          - and a control on the wrist during riding.

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