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All wheel drive motorcycle project

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  • All wheel drive motorcycle project

    Sharing this just for kicks - Did this at a behest of a college student stuck in his project and unable to get a good viable solution on a engineering project to start with- . The concept brief was simple- if cars can have all wheel drive why not a motorcycle ??!

    Sounds simple but is a bloody crazy development job ( & right up our street - we like concepts that challenge us ) given the front wheel on a bike has to pivot freely and yet be supplied with power.

    There are many options and we went with a simpler mechanical model and not the more complicated hydraulic one.

    Took us 2 weeks of focussed work and results are here- it works !! check it out here YouTube - All wheel Drive / front wheel drive system By stand testing . Secondary drive from main drive powers a diffrential attached to two shafts with 2 universal joints finally powering another differential and drivin the final chain drive to the front wheel.

    did this more for kicks and taking on a challenge rather than a serious commericial angle. Want to however see how this system performs off road on dirt,gravel etc. Tested it out for 12km on road, and the darn thing works like a charm.

    On road- The acceleration is far better and taking curves is a lot easier, engine can be used more effectively to slow down as the engine now brakes both the front and rear.

    Need to take it off road to see how it does on gravel etc when power is coming onto both wheels- any off roaders interested :-)

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    Topic approved.
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      Congrats for getting it worked ... I wonder with all those chains hanging around how safe it would be .... Also want to see it taking corners
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        Me me me me me me me! Give it to me for a day, I will give you a 100KMs ride report on it on road, offroad what not!
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          yamaha also produced all wheel driven dirt bike but they use the hydraulic power to rotate front wheel.dont know about the exact name of bike but it was not that much good to be used permanently


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            This one here is fully mechanical.
            Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles

            @manu dreamriders, post some pics as well.


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              Thats really amazing.. hats off to you people..

              @manu dreamriders
              Most of the people just think of the concept and leave it at that..but you guys have realized it in reality and it makes a world of difference..Keep this up!!

              Btw, when the bike turns, the ratio of speed of front wheel to the speed of rear wheel changes.. but in this design the ratio is fixed(just try taking a short radius turn and you will know).. take normal rear wheel drive cars for example, they have a spider gear which allows the left and right rear wheels to spin at different speeds during turns, see if you can come up with something like that for the bike..
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