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Are Frame sliders a good Buy??

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  • Are Frame sliders a good Buy??

    Frame Sliders, as the name suggest is used to protect the frame of the bike in case of a Fall.
    But the question here is "Is it really that good??!!"
    Frame sliders gets attached directly to the chassis through a tight bolt on mechanism. It protrudes a little out of the frame so that when the bike fall to the side, the sliders prevent the faring from being hit on the ground. I would say, Pretty good concept considering the costly plastic on most 250cc+ bikes.
    But what happens to the chassis during a Fall? Its the chassis which is taking all the impact here. Is it really designed to take all the impact?? Probably NO!!. And in case the road surface is not smooth a slide on the Frame Sliders 'MIGHT' cause the bike to flip due to the sliders getting caught on a rough patch or a pothole on the road ( AM I BEING TOO CREATIVE??!! ). A totally Bad scene to watch.
    So considering the above to be true, should we opt for a frame slider and risk a bent chassis??!!!
    Or suffer with broken Plastics..??!!!
    Pour in your thoughts...!!!

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    Re: Are Frame sliders a good Buy??

    Topic Approved.

    A good point raised. I can see a good discussion happening on this debatable topic. Let me share my belief on the topic:

    They can protect to some extent in event of a lowside. You're leaning a R1 through a slow corner & accelerate a little more than ideal. A slow lowside crash, nobody injured. Then, the frame sliders may save you a lot of damage to the bike. But, many guys get their fairings banged even in case of lowside with FS attached, so frame sliders are again, very debatable.
    A Highside crash, and they're mostly useless to anyone.

    Their main objective I still believe, is just to help avoid damage, mostly if the bike falls at standstill, moving down a slope or slow reversing, like in a parking lot. After all, even a stationary faired bike falling down might catch some serious damage to its vulnerable parts. And on a humorous side, sharing such spill's information, between friends and on facebook can be slightly humiliating too.

    But, don't worry so much about bending the frame. Frame sliders from good brands are inherently meant to be "not so durable". In most cases, the frame slider should give up and save some damage, if not a lot.

    But, make sure to go with a good brand like Vortex, Woodcraft, LSL, etc. specially if you're riding a Litre class Superbike. Although personally speaking, I do have reservations about getting holes drilled in frames.
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      Re: Are Frame sliders a good Buy??

      Yes. The topic is indeed very debatable. But your point on Good brand sliders grabbed my attention.
      I had a pair of slider on my CBR 250r (non-branded). On a ride, I had a fall at a very slow speed (read 20km/hr) due to a front washout cuz of sand. The bike barely had a skid for 1 meter. But the frame sliders saved my day. No damages what so ever. I could ride back home happily. But the sliders did have a slight bent. After getting home I removed the sliders to have a look. I was terrified to see a small bend on my chassis at the place where sliders were fixed. At such a small fall the chassis got bend. So I cant imagine what a pretty good crash would have done to the chassis.
      Then again last week I lowsided at around 60km/hr. My bike dint have the sliders. The bike got dragged to nearly 10-15 mtrs. Right faring scratched. Front right cowl scratched silencer heat shield scratched; bent brake lever. Still could easily ride back home. Replaced some plastics and the bike is good as new.
      But what would have happened if I had the sliders??!! Good?? or Bad??!!! ( completely bent chassis may be..??)


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        Re: Are Frame sliders a good Buy??

        Can someone please post a pic of a frame slider fitted bike. I've never seen a fully faired bike with one.
        Is it similar looking to crash guard on normal commuters?
        I ride an R15 and would like to know my options regarding my ride's safety.
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          Re: Are Frame sliders a good Buy??

          Yes, you should definitely get frame sliders.

          I dropped my bike at 0mph(don't ask) and the slider took the impact instead of the fairing/turn signals/mirrors.
          The only visible damage is a little scratch on the crank case.

          I've heard of frames/engines getting ****ed from dropping the bike at speed, but nothing that conclusively made it clear whether the sliders caused it or not.

          They're excellent for saving the bike at low speeds, but at high speed all you should be worrying about is your own ass, because your bike is going bye bye no matter what.
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            Weak is good

            Fixing weakest slider available will solve the problem i think.
            I got duke fairing cracked while reversing on slope. I wish I had frame sliders. Also I want fairing to take beating instead of frame in case of high speed accident.
            Using a weak slider which could break easily is perfect IMO