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Cafe Racer Build.

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  • Cafe Racer Build.

    It had been in my mind for quite sometime now. I was thinking of all the possibilities. I want to build a "CAFE RACER". Now, I know it's not an easy task. But I want to do it. The only engine that I can think of is the RD350 engine. I am in no hurry. Only after finalizing every detail will I even think about starting it. I don't want to build some stupid machine which looks good and doesn't work and show it to all the people and take it stupid auto shows. I want to build something which I can use and go for rides. The RD350 is the only engine in my mind now. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I regularly watch videos uploaded by Jay Leno's Garage. And I stumbled upon this one video showcasing a build based on a Honda CB750. I think it was a 1976 model. I know its not possible to get engines like that in India. And I don't want to build something with a Royal Enfield engine. I don't have anything against RE. Its just a personal thing.
    Personally I would like it to handle well. Is reasonably comfortable.

    Waiting for the moderators approval and your inputs.

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    Re: Cafe Racer Build.

    GBD Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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      Re: Cafe Racer Build.

      I have a honda cb750f2 78 model. As u mentioned in the thread it would really look awesome as a cafe racer.

      I'm planning to restore and convert it into a cafe racer.

      The only hang up is that I'm based out of gurgaon and need a mechanic in gurgaon who will work on the honda. Any suggestions?


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        Re: Cafe Racer Build.

        I am obsessed with caffe racer. I love the looks of the continental gt but I don't like the engine, Too much vibration. Continental gt with a V twin would be perfect

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          Re: Cafe Racer Build.

          Did you go ahead with the plan?