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Earplugs for motorcycle riding

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  • Earplugs for motorcycle riding

    I'm new to the forum. A colleague recently told me about this community because I was asking him a lot about my bike and other things. Well, I'm not sure if hearing conservation is also a thing here in India but I need help finding something like this:

    I'm not sure if Big Ear is also available here in India so I just need help finding a business like them. They sell custom molded earplugs/hearing protection for motorcycle riding and I really hope there's a business like them near Bangalore. I've been using foam earplugs since I started riding my bike but they get dirty quick because I sweat a lot and last week my ear canals got irritated too.

    I used links to let you guys see what I'm talking about. I know most forums treat posting links as spams but the reason I joined the forum is to ask you guys about this. So I hope the Mods let this through.

    Thank you in advance and ride safely.
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    Re: Earplugs for motorcycle riding

    Thread approved.


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      I just stumbled upon this thread. I use one pair of earplugs myself. It is the GUBBS silicon earplugs. Search this on Amazon you'll get a set of 2 at Rs. 70-80. I like them they work fine for the price. And the reduction in jarring sounds is significant.


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        I just use regular (non motorcycle specific) HEAROS ear plugs. The ultimate softness ones are super comfortable & I've had them on for over 10 hr rides. They work everywhere you need ear plugs (eg on long haul flights as well). has them, They're cheap enough that you can toss them before they get dirty.


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          I got the "No noise" earplugs recently. Works great. Much better than those 3M earplugs where you can't hear most sounds.
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