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I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

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  • I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

    I'm in high school and a few months ago I took a basic rider course and got my motorcycle license successfully. Months went by and I hadn't ridden much, but yesterday I took a little 200cc we have and rode it around and it was tons of fun. So, today I decided to ride it to the gym.

    All was well until the final left turn off of the main road and into the parking lot of my destination. I was coming up to the green left turn light and saw a friend of mine in the parking lot. Hey, maybe if I take this corner at 40 kmph, which I have never even attempted, I'll look like a badass! So, I went through the light at about 40mph and instantly realized I took the turn way too fast.

    I remembered from my riding course to look where I want to go, lean, and do not brake what so ever. So I did just the opposite! In a panic I tried to hit the brakes and immediately hit the ground. Luckily I was almost through the intersection but I slid across the pavement and my bike and I were now in the middle of the road. I got up and picked my bike up and walked it over to the sidewalk, now only 50 feet from the parking lot.

    Not a single person stopped to help or see if I was okay, out of the 100+ drivers that just witnessed the event. Luckily, there was not a car behind me in my left turn lane, because I'm certain they would have run me over. The only attention I got from drivers was a classmate of mine who took a video for his snapchat with the caption "Get this dumbass some training wheels".

    So, if you are a new rider reading this, take it as a lesson, as I surely will. Don't ride like a douchebag, unless you're ready to eat pavement! All jokes aside, I'm lucky that somehow my bike is minimally damaged and I walked away with scrapes and bruises (and a video of my self-humiliation).

    The reason I post this is because after the event I was looking for posts like this one just to read about other experiences, so maybe someone can learn a thing or two from my lesson today, or just read for entertainment. Ride safe.

    Moderator Note: The guy who posted this here was a spammer. We would've deleted the entire thread in normal cases; but since a lot of people have already responded. We would let the thread remain. The user has been banned though.

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    Re: I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

    We are glad to hear that you are alright. It is commendable that you shared the experience with us despite it being your own mistake. Not an easy thing to do.

    We urge all our fellow riders to please ride safe and within the limits on the rules and your own skills which, of course, take time and practice to develop.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Keep riding and ride safe.


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      Re: I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

      Originally posted by HenryBraxton View Post
      I'm in high school....
      Glad to hear that you are alright and thanks for sharing this experience. It will help a lot of new riders. Many riders don't share these things because of embarrassment.

      Can we see the video? Just for some laughs 😂😂😂😛😛😛

      Ride safe!
      YouTube Highway To Hill


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        Re: I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

        Hahaha... Been there, done that and hopefully learned my lesson.
        I'm 40+ now, but cut back to when I was 16, and my first motorcycle, a 14 BHP 2-stroke 110 cc Suzuki Shogun. Both these incidents happened in the first month after my Dad got me the bike:

        1. Day 3 after purchase - I am riding my motorcycle to school for the very first time and there is this school bus with a really hot chick seated on the rear-most left window seat. I am looking at her, and hoping to catch her attention, and NOT WATCHING anything else at all. Well, the bus braked and I rear ended it just below her seat. That got her attention and I rolled into school with a bike with broken mirrors and headlight. This was the first Shogun in school.
        2. A couple of weeks later - I am hanging out with my friends in a popular area in town, and thought of popping some wheelies. I did a couple and all went well. Then when I had the attention of a few nice ladies around, I popped another one but a stray mongrel darted out from between some parked cars and hit my rear wheel, throwing me off. I took a couple of rolls before coming to a stop. Badly bruised ego but nothing else thankfully.

        Lesson learnt - Ladies are dangerous for motorcycling.
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          Re: I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

          Good that you escaped unhurt mostly. It is dangerous to try tricks the first time on city roads, even if you want to do so please be prepared with proper gear and do it at proper place until you learn better. Still many things can make it go wrong depending on situation, so use your head when on saddle.


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            Re: I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

            Most of the people have this problem and faced this all the time. But, to make an note I have an idea for you.

            At the point when bicycles get into mishaps with vehicles, it's terrifying. (Luckily, most bike mishaps don't include vehicles.) If you are the one riding the bicycle, it's essential to keep your brains about you after the accident. What you do in the quick fallout of the mishap may bigly affect the amount you recuperate for your wounds and harm to your bicycle. It might likewise influence the result of any claims coming about because of the mishap.

            It is indispensable that you trust that police will show up at the mishap scene so they can take and record a police report - regardless of whether you think you are not harmed. A few cyclists don't understand they've been harmed until a few hours after the mishap. Also, now and again apparently minor wounds later form into genuine and perpetual issues. On the off chance that you leave the mishap scene, you may always be unable to distinguish the to blame driver.

            Try not to endeavor to haggle with the driver. Numerous drivers at first apologize and acknowledge fault, just to later deny their carelessness or even deny they were available at the mishap. All things considered, trust that the police will come so they can archive everything in the police report. Another bit of leeway of sitting tight for the police: They may ticket the driver, which might be valuable in settling the case with the insurance agency.


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              Re: I am a new rider and today I crashed my bike in the middle of a busy intersection!!!!

              Its nice to see a sensitive community like Xbhp reacting positively (and I'm proud of this) to a newbie rider who crashed, only that... no, he didn't crash.

              He copied this stuff from here:->

              Reason:- He wanted to advertise his links that you can see in the post. This is how people love to advertise for free, on a forum which is maintained by its admin, its team and the legal sponsors.
              This is a SPAM post.
              To further disgust, this dude edits even the moderator's edit to add his links again to the post.

              So members, kindly avoid replying in long posts to this guy. He'll get banned soon.
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