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Olias Dissertation

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  • Olias Dissertation

    Hi folks,
    I've not been on here for a while.
    I finished the 'Indian biking' Masters dissertation about 5/6 weeks ago and almost immediately headed out on the highway so to speak first to a large bike rally here in the North East of England (Storming the Castle) and then went off to Spain for an extended ride around there. A few pics follow. I didn't take that many pics as we (Sal and me) were riding, camping, sleeping, eating, riding, camping, sleeping ...etc., so I didn't find the time to take many of the pics I know you guys like.
    I took a time out from xBhp during the writing of the dissertation for a simple reason... Impartiality. I had to. I really didn't want to make comments on posts etc and have any possible influences affecting the thought processes. I hope you understand that.
    I carried out several interviews for the dissertation with the Delhi Crew of xBhpians and as I promised anonymity, I won't mention their names but they know who they are... A MASSIVE thank you to them all is due.
    I was welcomed as a friend and shown very warm hospitality by them. That included transporting me from G2Gs and around Delhi, a city I would have had no chance of navigating easily at all.
    A thank you goes to Assistant Professor Amitoj Singh who took time out from his schedule to meet with me and gave me insights into his then yet to be published paper on the social/emotive reasons for riding motorcycles. He's a special guy!!
    To Sunny.... what can I say but that I am in your debt. You've helped to create a thriving multifaceted biking community Many thanks for your contribution to my paper.
    To the rest of xBhp... thanks in general are due for welcoming me as a member and helping me build a picture of the biking culture in India.

    I'll say this...
    The paper is a sociological enquiry and sets the biking culture within a global economic and cultural perspective. I wrote about the biking community in India as I saw it and concluded with a view of where it might head in the future. There were many positives and some negatives observed. The 'looking glass' as to what may come in years ahead culturally might not be agreed with by many of you but I referred to history and the replication/spread of biker culture globally from industrial nations for a view of that.
    Where is this paper??? It's currently being assessed and goes to a final exam board towards the end of this month. Initial perceptions of it assess it positively so my fingers are crossed for a decent mark.
    There were many, many, MANY areas I wanted to write more about and some that I didn't want to write about at all but I was limited by a word count and simply had to do what I termed to be an 'exploratory study'.
    I know that a deeper and longer study would reveal the many facets of the biking culture I wished to explore but didn't have the room to do so.

    Once the paper is returned and marked, I intend to get it onto a pdf and send it to Sunny. After that it may appear here....??? Maybe yes..maybe no.... that's up to the moderators I suppose. Prior to any publication here I'd write a piece explaining my motivation and some areas of interpretation I took from sociological literature to accompany it.
    You may not be interested in it and I fully understand that.... and you'd probably be quite right too.. LOL.
    Anyway....some pictures from Spain.
    History... it's just one bloody thing after the other!

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    General Biking Discussion Approved.

    @Olias: Good to see that your hard work paid off. And thanks for visiting us here, in Delhi. I hope we do get to meet again.


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      Nice Idea for a Dissertation bro. My Sis did something on office management or something . Can't remember what it was but yours seems easier to keep in mind

      Good going there!
      Sit Down, Shut Up and Hang on ....

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        Pwoaah very nice good to see that your visit to India paid off. Well there are some realities that obviously eveyone knows, its upto them to accept or not.

        Cheers !
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          It was a pleasure meeting you Jim,I am glad to see and know about the project you said is in the final stage for which you were here.
          Your HardWork will pay off.. And yess you headed towards Spain. WoooowWW..

          The pics have come out Very nice,Indeed!!!

          You are most welcome to India Again!

          @Xeno: Very well said, that is also depicted by your Signature..
          " Nothing Z Forever,Except D Change "

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            Nice shots there buddy!


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              Re: Olias Dissertation

              Hi folks,
              Masters dissertation on biking?
              Interesting, I am curious where you took so much information to write 100 pages on biking culture within a global economic?