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need input on night driving spectacles/glasses

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    Well. i'm using RayBan Aviator for my daily usage. And completely satisfied with them. And i have night shifts so most of the time i ride in the late evening or night only. And they are simply good for such riding.
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      Originally posted by velociraptor13 View Post
      Am using ray ban aviators.They work wonders.About the visors,if you do a lot of night driving better switch over to plane ones.
      +100 Aviators are the best for riding/driving. They cover a large part of your eyes, and provide great protection. Just make sure u go for day and night lenses. or even photo chromatic ones.


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        There is a very cheap but effective solution. Get the elastic goggles used by Sikhs generally. Wrap the elastic around your helmet from the outside while the goggle fits in with the visor(tinted in my case) turned up.
        It works fine.


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          Night-vision devices were first used in World War II and came into wide use during the Vietnam War. The technology has evolved greatly since their introduction, leading to several "generations" of night-vision equipment with performance increases and price reductions.

          Best night driving glasses are specially made eyewear to help with night driving. They are made just like any other pair of eyeglasses, but they are equipped with a heavily tinted yellow lens. These yellow-tinted glasses are usually advertised as night driving aids, as their bright tint can help see more clearly in the darkness. Let's explore in detail what these night-driving glasses are and if they are useful and safe for driving at night. Night driving glasses are made to lessen glare by filtering and scattering out blue light. Blue light is the portion of the light range with the unswerving wavelength and the principal amount of energy. Unlike the sorts of light with extended wavelengths, blue light is more expected to cause glare when it goes into the eye. So, you can find a good solution to choose the glasses for your usages.


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            Night riding is bad enough. During monsoon, its worse. If there is scratch, replace them with new ones.

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