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service data(engine) for pulser.

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  • service data(engine) for pulser.

    this is again by arpandiv given in .this is stuff most diecy to lay hands on:-
    Service Data-Engine(Pulsar)-STANDARD

    All measurements in 'mm' unless specified otherwise

    Friction plate thickness:- 2.9 to 3.1mm
    Clutch spring free length:-34.5mm
    Connecting rod big end axial clearance:- 0.1 to 0.35mm
    Crankshaft Runout:- 0.02mm max
    Cam sprokect dia.:-61.48 to 61.36mm
    Shift fork pad thickness:-5mm
    Shift fork guide pin dia.:-11.06 to 11.08mm
    Shift drum groove width:-5.1mm

    valve clearance:-IN 0.05mm
    EX 0.05mm

    Valve head thickness:-IN 0.5 mm
    EX 0.8 mm

    Valve stem bend:- TIR 0.01 mm or less
    Valve stem dia:-IN 4.98mm
    EX 4.9mm

    Valve guide inside dia.:- IN 5mm
    EX 5mm

    valve spring free length:- Outter 41.6 mm
    Inner 37.9 mm

    Rocker arm inside dia.:- 10mm
    Rocker arm shaft dia.:- 10mm

    Cam height:-IN 31.4mm
    EX 30.8mm

    Camshaft chain length/20 links:-127 to 127.2 mm

    Piston ring thickness:-Top:- 0.97 to 0.99 mm
    Second:- 0.97 to 0.99mm

    Piston ring end gap:-Top:- 0.15 to 0.3 mm
    Seccond:- 0.3 to 0.45 mm
    any doubts of nomenclatures plz ask.
    cheers rajnish
    \'87 High Torque RD 350B
    in first gear,6000 rpm,whack the throttle.

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    wow.. this is too technical to understand.... i don't get even a few hints what to do with all tis info.


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      it is useful in case engine conks out and mech tries to rip you.ex.-
      mech ur bike's rings r gone.
      u-check the ring end gaps for with the std.values and decide.
      mech.-u need work on head,valves need grinding,other work.
      u-measure valve head thickness,valve stem thickness.
      same goes for crank if u r asked to get it trued on a lathe,u know the values for stock setup and can measure with a vernier scale.or else trust ur mech blindly.
      \'87 High Torque RD 350B
      in first gear,6000 rpm,whack the throttle.


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        wow thnx pal.. now my mech will be in for a surprise next time he tries to rip me


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          here are the torque specs to tighten bolts.benefits-uniform tightning thus more life and better rigidity.plz note the mech should use a torque wrinch for following bolts or change the mech.-
          Tightening Torques-Engine
          Note:- Torque values in Kgm.

          Cylinder Head Bracket Bolts:- 2.4
          Spark Plug:- 1.4
          Chain Tensioner Mounting Bolts:- 1 - 1.1
          Valve Adjusting Screw Locknuts:- 0.9
          Camshaft Sprocket Bolt:- 1.5
          Cylinder Head Cover Bolts:- 1.1
          Cam holder bolts/Cylinder Head.:- 3.5
          Silencer Mounting Nuts:- 2 - 2.2
          Silencer Mounting Bolts:- 3.5 - 4.0
          Clutch Nut:- 4.5
          Clutch lever bracket bolt:- 1.0 - 1.1
          Engine oil drain plug:- 2.5
          Centrifugal oil filter nut:- 5.5
          Oil pump mounting screws:- 1 - 1.1
          Engine mounting bolts:- 2.4

          Crankcase joining bolts--M6:- 1 to 1.1
          --M8:- 1.2

          Clutch cover bolts:- 1 - 1.1
          Magneto cover bolts:- 1 - 1.1
          Bolts for Kick shaft Idler gear holder bracket:- 1 - 1.1
          Stopper for rotor gear holder:- 1 - 1.1
          Primary Gear Nut:- 5.5
          Balancer Gear cover bolts:- 1.0 - 1.1
          Engine Sprocket Holder Bolts:- 1 - 1.1
          Rotor bolt:- 4.5
          Alternator Stator Bolts:- 1.1
          Starter Motor Bolts:- 1.1
          \'87 High Torque RD 350B
          in first gear,6000 rpm,whack the throttle.