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Blaze spares!!

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  • Blaze spares!!

    My blaze shocks started leaking oil!! the guys at bike gurus near MIT, pune polished the rods and put new oil seals but say i should look for new rods for the shock absorbers anyways..DOes anyone hav any idea where i can find spares cause the mahindra service says no spares available..Atleasr kinetic shouldve had a buy-back option if they wanted to stop all support
    Any info highly appreciated!

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    Query approved.
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      well, the shocks seem to be fixed..the tyres r an issue now!! They need to be changed asap as the threads r tearing up the tubes from the inside! Any1 got ideas???


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        Re: Blaze spares!!

        I want to replace the rear shocks of my blaze. Which bike shocks can I use to replace the rear shocks of my blaze?