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Suggestions for Pulsar 150cc modification.....

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  • Suggestions for Pulsar 150cc modification.....

    Hello Everybody ,

    My name is Raj Kumar Sharma and I am from New Delhi. I have old Classic Pulsar 150cc (2003 KS Model) and It has just completed its 40,000 Km. Now i think it need some work to be done on it as it is making some noise and also giving some white smoke if the rpm is around 4 and above. So may be i have to put new parts like head, piston, clutch plates, timing chain, valves etc.

    Installing all the 150cc parts again in it, its better that i can upgrade it to old classic pulsar 180cc. Why old 180cc because i don't want to get into dtsi complication and they don't have power like old bikes have.

    So before doing anything like that i have some questions to experts, which are:-

    1 What is cost if i want to get it serviced with genuine 150cc parts?

    2 can i upgrade my old classic pulsar 150cc to 180cc or not?

    3 What all parts need to be changed for complete agitation to 180cc and estimated cost?

    4 My bike is Kick start so can i upgrade to self start, if yes then what all parts need to be changed and how much would be the cost involved?

    5 Most important question, is this upgradation would be success full or not? And can i get 180cc kind of power experience or not?

    Waiting for you reply..........

    Thankyou All............

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      well i only know some answers partially...the newer dtsi version are more torquier and powerful than the old classic think otherwise coz the old classic models of pulsars came with shorter gear ratios and hence the bikes felt very much powerful..also upgrading a kick to self requires a hefty sum although no idea how much exactly..power gains would be marginal if you don't change the cdi too if the 180 classic cdi fits your bike which i am again unsure of..
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