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R15 Air Filter

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  • R15 Air Filter

    Hi guys i recently bought an air filter(r1100) for ma r15 when i instaled it i had nice moderate sound...then after few days i gave it for servicing and now the sound is lame,its changed now and some other kinda sound is coming too...Right now im in Coimbatore i study here..can any1 tell me wot will be the problem and if you know any good place in Coimbatore to fix it

    And few pplz are tellin me tat the r1100 is not good for r15 ...r1060 is better for r15 please help me on this..Thanks in advnce

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    Query Approved.


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      did you get it serviced by the proper k&n filter kit?
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        K & n is not meant for r15, yet

        Bro, k & n is just a waste of money in r15, because after installing it u have to upjet (more fuel supply) and it's not possible because r15 is a fuel injected bike

        Just for sound you will ruin your piston, now it's upto you and regarding r1100 and 1060, they both are same.

        R1100 has a silver cap and it comes pre-oiled from company itself and r1060 has a black plastic cap and oil comes separated in box.You have to apply oil on it yourself

        For more info, check out K & N's official website and u will come to know that R15 there does'nt exist
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          you need a FID to up your C0 for proper adjustment to the K&N.

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            Originally posted by jd666 View Post
            you need a FID to up your C0 for proper adjustment to the K&N.
            Man, I've fit K&N for my Fazer and i'm facing a lot of problems...the bike stalls @ top end and its over heating too. I know i'm using a small jet and need to upjet but my mechanic aint listening...IS there any device to find out what adjustment i must do after fitting K&N? I live in chennai please help..!What is FID and C0???????


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              FID is the device used to tweak settings on an ECU for FI enabled bikes. CO% is the Carbon Monoxide percentage in your exhaust. The device uses the CO% info to set the Air to fuel ratio. your Fazer needs a bigger jet to run properly. And go to a different mechanic for the same. I suggest go to a spare parts shop, get a larger jet and go to a mechanic and ask him to replace the jet with this new one.