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Pulsar 510 UG 4.5 starting problem

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  • Pulsar 510 UG 4.5 starting problem

    Dear friends ! I have a Pulsar 150 UG 4.5 June 2010 model.Sometimes I get a problem while starting the bike.I switch 'ON' the Ignition,Engine kill switch to 'ON' position.Gauge check is 'OK'.But the starter refuses to come to life.At the same time the headlights also don't work.After switching the Ignition 'ON' and 'OFF' for a few times everything becomes all right.
    When the bike doesn't start with the starter it can still be started by using the kick.
    I need your valuable help and advise very badly.Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Query Approved.


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      Seems like some problem with the idiotic thing in your bike called the BCU. Get it checked as your bike is under warranty. Ask the service centre people to do a BCU test. In this test they take the BCU out of the headlight fairing and connect it to a machine which tests it.


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        Pulsar 510?????

        Dude correct the title of the thread before Bajaj start wondering when the heck did they make such a bike???

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          dear friends a big hi to all ! Finally the problem solved after three visits to society motors kanpur. Those people weren't able to diagnose the problem in first two times.Lastly better sense prevailed and someone got the idea to remove all connections near headlamp fairing.Connections cleaned re connected and everything fine till now.Thanks for all your valuable advises. And as for the title of the thread "Sorry" it was done by mistake.
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