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At what level fuel guage light blinks on r1

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  • At what level fuel guage light blinks on r1

    Is their anyone who can tell me that how can you know that how much fuel is left in the r1 bike. Recently i bought one of indian billing but i did not find any fuel guage on it ,thr is a light in the consol but i dont know how it works,if it blinks then what does it means,at what level it gets start blinking kindly help me in this metter also tell me what should b the ideal rpm of the engine,whats the engine oils grade from whare i can ger 97 octane petrol for my r1 in delhi

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    Query approved.
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      Should be close to a Gallon left, thats how it works in my 650 and should be same ideally in other bikes too.
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        When the yellow fuel light comes on, your fuel trip metre will start working too. I do not know how much is a gallon since I am more used to metric systems but when this light comes on, I have done 42kms with my bike riding sedately in the city.

        Just FYI, there are no fuel guages in litre class Sbks!

        You can get 97Octane in some BP Petrol Bunks in New Delhi and almost none in the NCR.
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          A gallon is about 4.5 ltrs and yes, that's about what's left in the R1 tank once the yellow light comes on. And I believe some 1.5 of that would not be usable as the fuel pump would not pick off this last remnant of fuel. So that leaves about 3 ltrs which going at anywhere between 15-20 kpl, could get you as far as 60kms on the yellow. But don't bet on that.

          A very sedate right hand can get you anywhere between 40-50kms with the yellow on as Ken says. I remember once Sunny did some 48kms on the 'reserve trip counter' during GIR2 before we found a petrol pump.
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            thanks a lot ken da and old fox sir for ur precious guidence about the reserve fuel .i have never expected that such personilaties will reply to my query,any way thanks again to all of u ,but my next question stands as before and that is....what should b the ideal rpm ,and engine oil grade for my oneeeeee