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Help On International Driving License..

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  • Help On International Driving License..

    Hi Guy,
    i am going to Malaysia in March, i wanted to get a International Driving License..
    where do i apply for it and how much will it cost me..
    how much is the validity of it.. (because i go there after every 6-7 months)..

    Please Help..

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    Query approved.
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      You can apply at any RTO as long as you have a valid Driver License

      Its valid for a year only.

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        ok thanks a lot..


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          International driving license is not a must-have if you want to drive in a foreign country if they can understand and interpret your indian driving license, which is in English. An international driving license is just a add-on to your original driving license, it provides a translation into almost a dozen languages, mainly so that police and other authorities in other countries can read your license in their own language. It may not be absolutely necessary to have it and most importantly, does not hold any validity on its own without your valid Indian driving license.

          If you are going to Malaysia on a tourist visa or Business visa, you are allowed to drive using your Indian driving license. This is true in case of many other countries including the US.

          I have driven in Malaysia sometimes using my Indian DL and sometimes using my Singapore driving license, and did not need an international DL. Having said that, I suggest you please verify about the requirements from your travel agent and if you have time, get your International driving license just for the peace of mind.


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            ^ +1

            Same here. You can use your Indian driving license as long as its the details of the licence, type of vehicle you can drive are all clearly given in English. I have used my Indian license without hassle in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

            If you still want one, you can applu through the RTO, or the quickest way (few hours) go to Automobile Association in your area (I went to AASI here). You have to pay a life membership fees, but it comes with its advantages like assistance in other RTO related acitivites, Insurance renewals, discounts on rentals abroad, etc.