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RC book help

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  • RC book help

    ive just go hold of my new RE Classic 500 after having waited too long. I booked the bike in Kerala and filed it for registration on the 6th. The trouble is i need to get the bike to mumbai by the end of next week.. i.e the 22nd and no one seems to know for sure how long it takes for the RC book to arrive by registered post.

    is there anyone who knows for sure how long its going to take? And what i could do if i dont get it by the 22nd. I need to show the RC Book at the station for it to be transported.


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    Query approved.
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      Consult with the sales outlet for any legal problems over state transportation before recieving RC book on hand. If there are'nt any.
      I think the copy and original bill of your bike with the engine and chasis number on it will do.
      Is the bike registered in your name? if so then there wont be a problem. There should be a proof of submission of your vehicle details in the RTO with the sales outlet, try to get a copy of that and a get a declaration letter from the sales outlet (on their pad) that you have purchased it from them with date of purchase and other details of transactions with RTO. and mentioning that all RTO formalities have done and RC book is being awaited.
      that should do it, have necessary extra copies with you, with insurance papers (i dont think it is necessary but keep it).

      How do you plan to transport? rail? if so then be ready for arguments.
      by rail is way cheap and book it as parcel i would be more easy in case of formalities, but delivery time would be unsure, have to talk with the coolies.
      or book it as luggage (costs more), for that you will need a train ticket (reserved/unreserved), book it like this if u plan to travel the same day. they might sent it by the same train or in the next two.

      Else depend on some trusted packers & movers, like the DHL... might be costly, but think will be doorstep delivery.

      you will have to empty the tank (so enquire the availability of fuel stations nearby, or make arrangements for fuel by the time bike reaches there, BUT NEVER CARRY IT WITH YOU)
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        here in calicut, it took me almost two weeks
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          @eliksir:Hey two weeks is too long a time... what was their explanation...
          i have once booked my bike from there to chennai as parcel, and i got it by the next train.

          ...And to mumbai itz a bit more long journey. Hey 'axon' be sure that you dont go for an argument with the coolies (if you prefer by rail)...instead try a decent negotiation with the coolies if for rates and book it as a luggage (it would cost you near INR1500 i suppose) and that would be much more easier to get it fast and to recieve it without struggles.
          DHL if i remember right they asked me around INR2500-3000. They might be able to handle it better.
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          Presence of MIND and self CONFIDENCE is the primary aspect You need to be on road, not what brand your riding gears are.
          If you lack these two then DONT

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            err... i meant it took almost two weeks for the RC to get delivered via post. I was told it might take upto a month but didn't take even half of that
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              Welcome to xBhp @Axon. Pls consider posting about yourself & your rides in the "Who Are You" section.

              It usually takes about a month or even 2 for your RC book to hand over, until then, your receipt from the dealer, tax receipt, insurance paper acts as substitute of RC. Go ahead & use them & there WILL not be any questions.
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                firstly... 'overwhelmed' ;]

                secondly.. yeah i plan on sending it by train but i was told i need the RC book copy. Maybe i didnt communicate clearly what the problem wa cos i was told to get a temporary permit which the RTO has no knowledge of. Ill go once again and try speaking to them. I trust the train cos i did it the last time with my previous CBZ when i moved to ahmedabad.

                If that takes me to another dead end ill speak to DHL. Its a crime to have this beautiful machine sitting on my front porch like furniture.

                @arnandal thanks for the tip. will speak to sales. As far as i know i have to get an NOC certificate for which unfortunately i again need my RC book.

                @eliksir. Im hoping the Kottayam RTO is just as pleasant a surprise as Calicut. this week would be the second

                @aagree: even for transportation? hope youre going down to the railways station to confirm that now.


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                  My RC has faded ink on the front side and is unreadable. Whats the procedure to get a new copy of it ?