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Oil in Air Filter box

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  • [Photo Feature]: Oil in Air Filter box

    Hello guys,

    I have a bajaj pulsar 180 and today when I opened the air filter box I found oil in it

    Can you guys please let me know what could be the cause?

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    This oil is applied on the foam filters deliberately when the filters are cleaned or replaced (why so, not sure of the exact benefit), maybe your mechanic put a little extra oil thats why you see it.

    Don't worry its normal.

    Query approved.
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      its normal , sponge type air filters are coated with oil to better trap dust particles . it is usually new engine oil or 2t oil as these are not too thick .


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        Thanks for your replies. But I am pretty sure that when I had taken for servicing (some 10k kms back) it was dry and the mechanic had used air gun to clean it.

        The lower half of the filter is completely soaked in oil so I am pretty sure this is engine oil that has come out of the crank case and got into the air filter box.

        Any ideas what could have caused that?

        Also is the P180 UG2 air filter different from the P180 UG3(digital meters) or are they direct fit? Mine is UG2(with analog meters)


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          I often observed that gooey, oily substance in air filter box in both sponge type and paper element filters, if the air filter box is not cleaned for a long time and particularly after rainy season(not exactly sure about rainy season though).
          That is completely normal and if you observe the air filter box in yamaha fazer/fz16 there is even a drain hole cap(rubber) to drain out that slimy thing.

          And why it formed? don't know, may be the vapors from the carb+air liquified.

          well I am talking about that brown yellow thing, but if its oil and because its foam in your case may be mechanic applied too much oil and forgot to squeeze it.
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            Originally posted by Revhappy View Post
            Hello guys,

            I have a bajaj pulsar 180 and today when I opened the air filter box I found oil in it

            Can you guys please let me know what could be the cause?
            If it is on the foam filter it is applied to make the filter sticky to trap dust particles...If it is dark and at the bottom of the air box,and YOU SEE A RUBBER TUBE is the Crank Case breather tube ,and you will see blackish oily deposit...will not harm any parts as long as you do periodic cleaning....once every 1000Kms normal and 500Kms in dusty conditions.
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