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apache rtr 160 fork out

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  • apache rtr 160 fork out

    Hii people, This is Puspal owning 160rtr. I am staying in Pune, its raining now a days. I met with an accident few days back. My bike's handle got dis balanced totally. Then i saw that handle is ok but the actual prob is in bikes fork. I have visited several tvs service centers to repair it. The condition of both the forks improved but the feeling which i was getting earlier is missing.

    1. wobbling in front tires though the alloy is ok
    2. loosing confidence while cornering
    3. Getting different feeling while cornering different sides
    Left too smooth
    Right bit hard

    People please help me with suggestions & let me know where i can repair my bike perfectly.

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      If you do confirm that there is nothing wrong with the handle & alloys & wheel bearings are correct , next step is to disassemble the front steering assembly and check the T-stem , steering mount bearings , bearing races and the fork alignments etc parts ,one by one by an expert mechanic . When he confirms 100% which part is wrong , replace it straight away .


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        If the forks had got bent and the SVC straightened it out for you,then that's probably the problem.I believe a "straightened" fork never gets back to its original form...its always recommended to replace.maybe both the forks are not in the same shape which is why you get a diff. feedback on diff. sides.
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          Thanks to everybody. I think RanjithMN is right. Bcz I have seen my bikes fork from sideways & i found both of them r not macng with each other. The left fork is a bit curvy at upper side dn the right one. but tvs people says that is ok.

          Anyway i ll go for new forks asap.

          Can any body help me with TVS Racing performance kit or performance modification for tvs apache rtr 160.