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Pulsar FootPegs (rubber to metal)

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  • Pulsar FootPegs (rubber to metal)

    I have Pulsar 150 (2005 DTSi), and the foot pegs (both front and rear) are company fitted ones. The rubber seems to have grown harder and is now cut eventually coming off. I thought of getting them replaced with new ones, but just want to share the idea of replacing them with the metallic ones like in Yamaha FZ & R15?

    I have not scanned & compared the dimensions of the foot pegs of R15 & pulsar, but any clue if its feasible what I am looking at?

    Many Thanks

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    Query approved
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      Can somebody help me here please?


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        Why change ? The rubber ones are comfortable.
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          I have put metal foot pegs of the R15 on both front and rear footrest of my Apache RTR and they are good fit with little modifications on them. But i doubt they will properly fit on the Pulsar.
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            don't go for the metal one's as I think they won't be able to absorb vibrations on high speed or even a normal commuting speed also.
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              Metal Foot Pegs are used in Track bikes to prevent scratching of footpegs. For Commuters the Rubber Footpegs should do the Job.

              R15s footpegs need replacement after a time period, coz the grip fades gradually.


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                Thanks guys for pointing out the comfort & maintenance part... I seem to have missed out the those points. I think I should stick with the orginals ones.