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Some help with Electra 350 twin spark

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  • Some help with Electra 350 twin spark

    I own one Electra 350 twin spark for last one and half year. It's 'the' bike I rode till date considering comfort and feel. I had many road trips on this machine including one that of Ladakh. But I have two problems with this bike which I am unable to resolve even after consulting many mechanics.

    1st) It's very hard on this bike to go beyond 85km/hr. till 80 I don't feel anything but after that I can feel vibrations and sense of instability in bike. It feels like it is not going to go above this speed. I have heard from many other Electra owner that it can go till 100 very comfortably. so What can be the problem with my bike?

    2nd) Gear changing is not that smooth. If I want to come from 4th gear to 2nd gear without stopping in 3rd, I can't do that quickly. I have to wait for some seconds in 3rd. Sometimes rpms don't decrease at the speed I close the throttle. So when I decrease accelerator and try to come down to lower gear, it becomes hard and I hear cranking sound and different feel(Sound and feel when you try to switch to lower gear at high rpms).

    I do feel a little difference in its operation(switching becomes little smooth), when I get it just serviced. But this effect last for only 3-4 days and old problem returns. What can be this issue.

    And in general feel of my bike is little hard in every aspect. I am comparing it with the feel of my friend's classic 350 twins spark which he just bought. It had got very smooth feel.

    Can someone help?

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    Query approved and moved.
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      What is your fuel mileage like ?


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        Originally posted by Pinaki View Post
        What is your fuel mileage like ?
        It's in between 40-44 km/l


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          Your air fuel mix appears to be overly lean , which causes rpm instability and drop in top speed . Also the carburetor may be operating incorrectly in some other way too . Either that or some other part is causing drag/rolling resistance . Ask service center to dismantle the carburetor , check all parts, clean and refit . Replace the float valve pin thingy . Adjust for a little richer mix. I do not know yet which type of air filter the 350 UC engine has . Clean/re-oil or replace it as appropriate .
          I guess you have already checked the usual things like brakes(not dragging?), timing chain, timing chain tensioner, tappet clearances, chain-sprocket , wheels - alignment , rim bends , wheel & sprocket bearings , spark-plugs , spark plug induction coil , CDI - clean contacts & secure wiring , self start motor and it's coupling gear, etc . What engine oil are you using now ? is it fresh & topped up to correct levels ? Have the clutch assembly checked too .
          Lastly , it is very difficult to general problems like you have remotely from here , which is probably why you got so few replies . It would be best to find an expert bullet-UCE350 mechanic near you , if there is such a thing yet .
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            Here's my bit of advice, dont double shift. If the clutch is actuated once then that means only one shift.
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