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horn & self start not working ... all other electricals working

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  • horn & self start not working ... all other electricals working


    i own a honda activa ..... it was all good and smooth

    suddenly one day the self/ electric start stopped working
    when i try to use the s.start it dosent even lagg .... no reaction or tries if i press start ... it gets started in 1 or 2 kicks though
    and with a strange electrical problem even the horn dosent blow correctly
    the horn dosent blow when the key is ON but if kick started and accelarated
    it blows in a sqeaky way with a very low to mid tone ......... i hope its some loose connection .. but i m weak in electricals

    well seeing these problem i changed the battery to a amaron ....
    even after a battery change, the horn and the self start is in same condition

    NOTE:- head light , break light , indicator etc workes well ......battery was changed today (8/1/2012)

    hope i will give the scoot for full service tommorow as last serviced 25/6/11

    Raghu ... waiting eagerly for reply , suggestion

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    Query approved.
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      check if the battery terminals are properly connected. Happened to me aswell, found that +ve terminal was loose.
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        i have tightened the terminals as much as possible ............

        i hope the electric start is button not working ... as no ignition sound its like pressing a dead button ......

        and the horn i dont know what is wrong .. it dosent work when the key is ON but only works very squeaky , like som loose connection....({[ after starting it and riding only)}]


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          Looks like everything is working directly from the RR as in a Bajaj Chetak .

          The the battery and the RR a.k.a charging unit is not properly connected or in simple terms there is no physical connection between the RR and battery,may be due to faulty wires/connectors .

          Hence every electrical is running on current supplied by RR.

          If possible check the VOLTAGE readings at idle and half throttle using A digital multi-meter.
          Check it and Report us back.
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            well thanks to every one
            just went to a mechanic he was shocket to listen a new amaron .... and still facing problems ........ well he also suspected in wiring ......... and 1 of the wire to fuse was just sticking in at some point it was now attached ... taped ......... and

            A CHARMING START .and