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Pulsar oil filter

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  • Pulsar oil filter

    Hi , This is just to know about the oil filter in pulsar.

    I have used my bike almost 30,000 km. Is this the right time to change the oil filter.

    I wish to know what is the use of it and how to identify that this is the right time to change the oil filter.

    Thanks to all

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    Obviously the job of an oil filter is to filter out the impurities from the oil and prevent it from entering the chamber, which might damage the engine.

    The recommended interval for changing the oil filter must be mentioned in your owner's manual and is usually written behind the service slips.

    Query approved.
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      Read you vehicle's owners manual please . WHat does it say on the oil filter ?


      • #4
        the manual states that the oil filter should be cleaned regularly
        but nothing is said about the replacement
        it is a centrifugal oil cleaner in pulsars which needs cleaning rather than replacement
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        • #5
          also i would like to know about the location of the oil filter
          can it be accessed without draining the engine oil??
          also in my last service there was a small washer in the drained engine oil(not the one in the drain bolt)
          it was a rather small tube type
          could there be anything wrong with the engine
          my bike is 2011 pulsar 150
          plz help seniors....
          Pulsar Engine Oil Filter Cleaning

          D.I.Y. Surface Discharge Spark Plug

          My Pulsar's exhaust sound


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            The filter should be cleaned every 10,000km acording to the manual; so I would say yours is long overdue. Not sure how to do it at the moment, will have to see when I do mine.


            • #7
              pulsar uses a centrifugal type oil filter, it is located in the rhs of the engine , you can clean it but havent heard anybody replacing it , you will have to remove the clutch side crank case cover to access it ,
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