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Unicron Dazzler Battery problem

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  • Unicron Dazzler Battery problem

    I am using a dazzler sept 2010 one..
    it's been over a year and half for now
    and now i'm facing some battery problem from many i bought myself a battery charge myself at home.

    Normally i charge battery for 4-5 hours and it would work..but from past one week..battery is troubling me....

    can any one help with me??

    When i approached a battery charging guy..he said if the voltage is above 12.4V then it's working normally and if it goes less than 10V then the battery is dead and the battery after 3 hours of charging was showing 13.8V...and still my self starter didn't work...

    Should i replace the battery???

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      If the battery is working fine, there should be a problem with relay. Did you bring this issue to service center's notice? And if so, what did they say?

      And, why are you charging your battery repeatedly at home?

      And, are you getting the self-starting issue even after you ride the bike for 10 kms?

      The next time, when you get the self-starting issue early in the morning, take out the battery and check the voltage. If the voltage is fine, the problem is with the relay or some other issue. Sometimes, it could be a tuning issue too, where engine will not be able to build revolutions when cold.
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        dazzler comes with a mf battery right?
        check the relay.
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