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Problem with electric circuit

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  • Problem with electric circuit

    I own a 2008 Yamaha YZF R15...recently I installed HID's with angel and demon eyes...since then my battery goes down and engine halts while riding at night...and I will have to push and start the bike...
    nearest service center told me that the problem is with the I installed a new one...but the bike shows the same problem while riding at day time the bike runs problems...
    So I took it to an experienced service center...and after checking they told me that the problem is with the magneto coil and I have to replace it will cost around 3000 rupees...
    I didnt order for a change because once they told me that the problem is with the battery but changing it did no good...So I just have to make sure that the problem is with the magneto coil...what guarantee I have that the problem will get solved...
    Any one with similar experience?
    Your suggestions will be much appreciated...

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      Originally posted by binalbruno View Post
      Hi recently I installed HID's with angel and demon eyes...since then my battery goes down and engine halts while riding at night...
      Clear indication of stock electrical system is not able to complete the requirement of HID .

      Replacement of coil won't gonna help you . As it is designed for the stock setup of lightning .

      Either remove Hid system or increase the electrical setup . check on the DC conversion thread .


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        As above, the stock electrics can't take the load of running 2 hid's together, however running at at least 4-5k rpm, helps keeping the battery charged, I don't think those angel eye thingy's are helping you much either, this is extra load on your system. One thing you should check is the grounding is done correctly, if they go off, even for a split second and back on again, the initial load of the ballast will drain the battery if it happens repeatedly.

        I run dual hid's on my R15, however I have changed the pilot lights to low wattage LED's, I have also installed a switch, so that when I ride in any traffic I can switch the right lamp off, when I ride dark roads I switch it on and keep the revs up, my battery is over 3 years old now and still going strong, I have had similar issues to you before, but have overcome them by doing this, if you're in a city, I suggest you only run one light and ditch the angel eyes.
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