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Help in Pulsar 180 UG4 performance and Body Modifications

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  • Help in Pulsar 180 UG4 performance and Body Modifications

    I have got a pulsar 180 UG4 2011 model. I have noticed that its performance is going down day by day. One year back. i used to get a top speed of 131 kmph bt i get only 126 on full throttle.

    I think its correct time to get a modification done on my bike. Can you please suggest any good performnace modifications that can be done on my bike that increase the overall performance. And also, I am thinking to put on some looks too.

    And yes, please suggest some good and trusted places in delhi where i can get these done..

    Thanx a lot in advance guys.

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    Query approved.

    xBhp is full of discussions on this top. Kindly do a little research before posting your query.

    One such thread is here
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      Thanks for the Link.

      But I have been trying to do research on xbhp for long now.

      But I am quite a noob in this. So didn't quite understood it. Plus, I didn't find anywhere an address for a decent Mod Shop in delhi. So, I queried on my own. Can you please help me on this...


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        Today itself I read more than one thread regarding modding pulsars.Many members were advising against it.Especially Joel,telling that its not worth the effort.
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          I got my bike fitted with K & N filter and Xenon Projectors Lights from Karol Bagh and even got the carb jetted with bigger bores. But the guy who fitted the parts seemed to be a noob like me. Now while turning on the bike, i have to put on the throttle again and again. It doesn't start normally like it used to. The acceleration also got worse. And the High - Low beam is also not working.

          Please help guys what to do now. I don't want to lose my bike. Please advice what all needs to be done now and a good and trusted place in Delhi NCR where I can gt these corrected.

          Please Help..


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            Someone Please Help.....pleaseeeee...