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Royal Enfield Thunderbird PDI

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  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird PDI

    Hi All,

    I will be getting my new Thunderbird by the end of next week.

    Before I bring it home , I would like to do inspection to avoid shocks/surprises.

    I will take it for a test ride and check for all electrical working. Also look out for any dents,scratches and leakages

    Is there anything specific I should be looking for?
    Any know issues?

    Appreciate if you all can share your experiences and provide tips/advice.


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    Query approved.
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      Luckily i found this thread, even I am getting my TBTS this weekend... would follow the responses closely.. happy cruzing


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        A few checks that can be done:

        Hi Guys,

        Congratulations on getting the bull, I own it from 3 years and let me tell you that you will fall badly in love with this machine

        These are some checks which you should do:

        1. For starting the engine there is one bearing in the engine that is called "Self Bearing" if it is not properly adjusted it will create a little Chieeuuuu like sound and will not let the engine to start in one go, so the first check you should do is to make sure that the engine fires in 1 go with the self as well as the kick with no sound.

        2. I am not sure if they have replaced it now but the fuel tank cover was of old ages and it gives a real hard time opening if not oiled properly so please open it at that time and 2-3 drops of engine oil in that.

        3. Never ever use the petrol with additives(like Speed) as it has small particles which will accumulate in the Carb and will hinder the fuel supply thus you will face starting issues or small shocks when riding. Use normal petrol.

        4. Ask which engine oil they have used and never go for Fully Synthetic oil in the first go as it will increase the Run In time, go for Semi Synthetic oil till atleast the first service. Also check for the level, it should be atleast 3/4th of the fuel level window when the bike is in main stand.

        5. The factory set front disc brakes are very tight and will create problem if you have not used discs before, test your bull once and ask them to adjust it.

        6. Before taking delivery ask them to check the rubber(which holds the oils inside, dont know what to say it exactly) in the front shockers are fitted properly and duly checked as I have seen oil leaks in 2-3 new TBTS's

        I can't collect anything else now because it is new and everything should be set correctly.

        Also I would like to suggest you to never park the Bull in the rain for long times because the new Bulls are getting very thin wires(computer like as said by my Mechanic) and they get easily affectted if the water seeps inside somehow(in case of side stand)

        I will suggest if I get something else in my mind, all the best with your bull and try to keep patience till run in period.
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          Re: Royal Enfield Thunderbird PDI

          Hey guys !!! I'm new to this forum.. I've booked a tb350. I've had the pulsar 220fi before this for a good 6.5 years until now and finally decided to own every mans pleasure

          Anyways is it really necessary to inspect all these in a new bike? Won't RE quality control check all these? What if I find a problem after registration? Will the dealer take back? And does every dealer allow pre-registration inspection?

          I live in Chennai and I'd like to know where to get leg crash bar installed..?
          My crash bar in 220 saved my legs more than a dozen number of times..!!
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